Do you want to lose weight and feel great?

Wouldn't it be nice to finally… 

  • Know exactly what you should eat (end the confusion once and for all)
  •  Feel satisfied for longer periods of time (it’s no fun feeling hungry all the time)
  • Bust through your sugar cravings (imagine passing up a sugary sweet because you actually have no desire for it, not because you know you “should”)
  • Exercise because you WANT to (not because you HAVE to)
  • Lose the weight you have wrestled with for years and keep it off
  • Be able to enjoy the holidays without gaining the inevitable 5-10 lbs.

Join the Fit and Fabulous After 40 subscription group. My approach is mentoring you through the low-carb, high fat diet and intermittent fasting. We will cover exercise, gut health, stress management, and sleep issues, all components of weight management and good health in separate modules.

This group is hosted on Mighty Networks and is a full service site, where you can participate in all my courses, as well as interact in a private and supportive community for women only, who want to work on improving health and sustainable weight loss.