Enrolling Now!

Join the non-therapeutic club where your tween can learn the valuable skills in real-time for interaction and making friends. 

Who is this group for?

Tweens who are struggling to make friends, need a little more help with social interaction, needing support from others in their age group.

What is this group about?

This group is a non-therapeutic group--meaning this is not traditional therapy. I will provide as-needed support during club meetings and help facilitate interaction between members through fun, chosen by members activities.

How will this group help?

This group wishes to help members become more comfortable in social settings, build their confidence in interacting with others, gain the needed support from others experiencing similar difficulties, and make friends and improve outcomes in interactions in the future.


Email stephanie@ncpsychologist.com or call (919) 893-9444 Press 3 for more information about the club!