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What People Are Saying About

Edge of Sundown :

"You can see the city, the people, and the madness that lingers at the edges throughout."
- Eric Weule, author of Caffeine & Nicotine

"Jennifer weaves an intricate tale of suspense and intrigue . . . that should be read and re-read."
- Harvey L. Covey Jr., author of Haunting Season

"What is supposed to be a simple who-done-it, does what genre does best--it makes you think."
- Elias McClellan

"Val...is as well rounded a character as any you will meet. His darkness, his despair, and his unflinching loneliness turn him into something noteworthy."
- Austrian Spencer, author of The Sadeiest

"Set in Chicago, the book oozes with details about a writer's life. . . . A superb, twisty and compelling debut."
- Charlie Tyler, author of The Cry of the Lake

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