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What Our Athletes Say About The Community...

Nicola Spirig
Olympic Champ

"For me the biggest take-away from the Tribe of Athletes is simply that it was a reminder that the mental aspects need repetition and training exactly like the physical ones, its not just done by doing it once or twice! If you want to get better, you need to constantly and consistently work on it“

Marisa Field
Pro Volleyball

"Taking part in the World-Class Goal Setting Workshop with David was a great remind that we all experience self-doubt during our life and careers, but we always have the power to change our mindset. It’s the subconscious mind that’s doing all the work behind the scenes to bring you to where you want to be! Training that is just as important as training your body."

Fran Gatsby
Pro Billiards

“The Tribe Of Athletes taught me that the Subconscious Mind, doesn’t care how I perform. However, it’s fully programable and that is what I must learn to perform at 120%.”

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Philip Miles
Kayak Team GB

“The Tribe Of Athletes has given me a fun and sustainable way to focus on my athletic goals and dreams. David teaches you the tools to be the best version of yourself in a way that is enthusiastic and helpful. I think that this Workshop is crucial for any aspiring athlete!”

Alexis Conaway
Pro Volleyball

"The World-Class Confidence Workshop gave me the freedom and confidence to dream bigger than I ever imagined. It helped me recognize the thoughts that hold me back and gave me the tools to keep moving forward. It ultimately led me to establishing a lifestyle of intentional boldness in order to make those dreams a reality!"

Tyler Creammer
Pro Basketball

“The Tribe Of Athletes helped me to rework my mindset in terms of goal setting and my confidence. It was great to connect with other like minded individuals and to learn from their various experiences. David is an awesome mindset coach who brings a lot of passion and knowledge into his workshops!”

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