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Welcome to Arcstone

Madelyne Laurent is a bookseller in a chain bookshop in Yorkshire by day, but by night she is Em, elven warrior in the massively multiplayer online game, Arcstone. Her closest friend is someone she has never met in person – Alex – and she spends her days anxiously ready to log into the game with him.

A mission goes awry and Madelyne finds herself in the body of her online persona, Em. Can she find out how she ended up in Arcstone in time to get herself back out, or will she end up stuck in the game world she wanted so desperately to inhabit? And is Alex – or his avatar ‘Lex’ – trying to help her or hurt her? When a tyrant running the show inside and outside of Arcstone sets his sights on Madelyne and her father, she must make alliances to save her father’s life – and get both of them back to the real world, if she can.

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Nancy E. Dunne

She started as a gamer - and this new series is a loving nod to that part of her life - to wanting more than anything to be a part of the game world. Step through the RIFT into the world of Arcstone, coming summer of 2020. Find out more: