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Our online training platform and business guidance is based on our history of pure dedication to the success of retailers and baristas in specialty coffee. This convenient online format provides a consistent training resource for baristas, as well as on-going education for retailers around the world.

Individual Baristas

Account access for one (1) barista

Comprehensive Barista education
Full access to training platform and curriculum
Access to new videos, webinars and content updates
Career development
Certificate of completion

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Coffee Shop Owners

One (1) retailer account (business and management resources) 
Includes Fifteen (15) employee accounts

Full access to training platform and curriculum
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Training Overview


  • Barista Terminology 
  • Espresso Preparation 
  • Milk Steaming 
  • Latte Art Training
  • Manual Coffee Brewing
  • Workstation Cleaning
  • Coffee Origin Experience
  • Roasting Fundamentals

       Coffee Shop Owners

  • Menu Planning
  • Employee Relations and Culture
  • Beverage Cost Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Operational Systems
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Efficiency & Controls
  • Strategic Planning
  • And more!

Mark & Joey Trujillo

Hub Coffee Roasters

Were it not for Bellissimo providing us with our training wheels and a loving push in the right direction, we might never have made it to the top of the big hill!  Our most recent addition to Reno’s independent scene is a new coffee cart in the Nevada Discover Museum, located in downtown Reno. This new location (albeit tiny), along with our foray into coffee roasting, is in our opinion a testament to the rewards to be had after a tireless pursuit of knowledge and constant practice of quality coffee service. We’ve since built up our own small craft coffee company in Reno: The Hub Coffee Co. Since first opening in June 2009, throwing open our tiny roll-up garage door at 32 Cheney St., just south of downtown Reno. The Hub has become a friendly, inviting community gathering place complete with (what else?) tasty traditional espresso drinks and coffee.

Federico & Lily Bolaños

Viva Espresso!

We highly recommend anyone seriously interested in becoming a professional barista or opening a coffee bar or roastery to attend a workshop with Bellissimo...It will be without a doubt your best investment. Our journey in specialty coffee started at Bellissimo Coffee Advisors in November 2005. Making Bellissimo our starting point has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. At Bellissimo we learned about the basics of operating a coffee business and most importantly about the craftsmanship that goes into preparing espresso through a perfect balance of theory and hands-on training. The knowledge gained at Bellissimo inspired us to aim for the highest levels of coffee excellence, so we trained our staff to compete at barista championships. Our baristas won 7 consecutive national barista championships and we ended up starting our own roastery. 

Aaron & Kim

HandleBar Coffee Roasters

Best thing we could have ever done for the business was to attend their week long workshop to have a better understanding of all that goes into great coffee, how to prepare it, serve it and for that and everything else Bellissimo has done for us, we are truly grateful. Handlebar coffee roasters has hit the ground running since opening Nov. 1st, 2011 and we owe a lot of our success so far to everyone whom has helped us out at Bellissimo Coffee Advisors. We attended the October 2010 barista training class and coincidentally opened handlebar Nov 1st, 2011 (more or less 1 year later). Best put, Bellissimo Coffee Advisors helped us gain a better understand of specialty coffee, we already had the passion and drive to do our best, Bellissimo helped give us the basic tools, knowledge and understanding of how to put it all together. Without Bellissimo, we wouldn’t have had the skill-set to be ready for all that happens when the doors are open. Every day is learning for us, and that is a good thing.