Internship overview

Project Manaia

Internship activities included diving expeditions, snorkelling trips, seagrass counts, ROV usage and mapping sea beds



Internship overview

James Cook University Australia, Rummer Lab

Assisting a team with animal husbandry (coral reef anemonefishes and small sharks at all life stages) as well as experimental design, execution, and data analyses. Learning various physiological

performance assays at the whole-organism, tissue, cellular, and molecular levels as well as husbandry techniques, data collection and analyses, and communication skills.



Internship overview

DEME Group

Interns performed geological analysis of the ground conditions for a project site. As well as, they participated along the environmental team, taking part of different work domains (monitoring, ecological valorisations, among others)

FPS Health, Foodchain, Safety and Environment

Interns contributed on on-going projects at the marine environment unit, like focusing on the implementation of the EU Nature Directives in the Belgian part of the North Sea


Internship activities focus on a training in geophysical & geotechnical and topographical surveys and techniques

ILVO (Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food)

Interns participated on sampling campaign and literature review of on-going projects (e.g. Sustainable Management of Rays and Skates (SUMARiS) and Shrimp breed project from the aquacutlure department)

IMDC (International Marine and Dredging Consultants)

Students participated on data-analysis and stakeholder management in the framework of a research on the concept "building with nature" in relation to coastal defence strategies along the Belgian coast

Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center (ARC)

Routine practices related to the culture of aquatic organisms

Universiteit Gent

Internships at UGhent can be done under research groups (e.g. Marine Biology Research Group), laboratories (e.g. Laboratory of Microbiology) or a professor's department (e.g. Department of European, Public and International Law - Prof. An Cliquet) . Activities included species identification, community diversity analysis, laboratory analysis, among others. Students participated in projects (e.g. VLAIO Fish-icon project ' EnzymASE, enzymes for added Sustainability and Efficiency about plastic pollution) and field work campaigns (e.g. in Westerschelde estuary or transmitter tagging).


Internship overview

Universiteit Antwerpen

Internships at Universiteit Antwerpen can be done under research groups like Behavioural Ecology & Ecophysiology Group or Ecosystem Management and Systemic Physiological and Ecotoxicological Research (ECOSPHERE) research group


Internship activities are related to remote sensing analysis, using in-situ data and satellite images

VLIZ (Flanders Marine Institute)

Activities include for example contributions to  finalizing the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) along the Data Centre, identification and quantification of microplastics,  organisation of JPI Oceans conference

VLIZ - InnovOcean site

Activities focus on ongoing projects at the moment related to lacustrine and marine environments like LifeWatch project: further research, exploit and report on the measurements coming from two novel imaging techniques (FlowCam and ZooScan) or participation on Detailed survey of the composition of the shell composition (Bivalves, Gastropodes) on Belgian beaches, in relationship to environmental conditions

ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Internships were done at the Laboratory of Ecology of Aquatic Systems, participating in sampling campaigns and physic-chemical parameter analysis

INBO (Institute for Nature and Forest Research)

Students participated in on-going research projects of the aquatic management department. Some related activities were daily fish larval maintenance, counting and measurement of larvae, harvesting the juveniles from ponds, monitoring restocked populations and follow up the practical management plan for an invasive aquatic plant

Afdeling Kust (Flemish Coastal Department)

Interns participated in Hydrographic surveys, which include bathymetric analysis, mapping, among other activities

RBINS (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)

Internship activities included DNA extraction, PCR analysis, assisting in management, analyses and processing of marine scientific data, sorting and determination of macroinvertebrates, performing morphological measurement using ImageJ software, analysis of datasets from Multibeam (MBES) samples and participating on ongoing oceanographic cruise; contributions to the UNITED project, by focusing on application of environmental assessment frameworks; development of environmental impact assessment models

Bond Beter Leefmilieu

Research on potential of aquaponics as a climate-neutral agricultural production system in the Flemish agricultural sector ((dis-)advantages, implementation, hurdles, opportunities, etc.)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Compare methodologies to sample macroinvertebrates communities; sampling campaigns in nature reserves, identify differences in community composition and richness attributable to sampling methodologies


Internship overview

Monitoring of water quality and physicochemical parameters, school guidance, monitoring fish population and construction of aquaponic kits for customers
Pre-processing and analysis of field data. MPA effectiveness/ espansion, spatial planning and management



Internship overview

Aquarium Quebec

Marine mammals team: behavioural observations, data collection and analysis



Internship overview

Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation

Interns participated in research activities focusion on dolphin monitoring, data analysis and field work campaings at the Adriatic sea



Internship overview

Galapagos Science Center

Monitoring, data collection and data processing in the different monitoring, conservation and research projects regarding wildlife (pinnipeds, seabirds, etc). Education and community engagement programs



Internship overview


Formulation of a review on kelp restoration and creation of a proposal for a kelp restoration experiment.



Internship overview

Cyan Planet

Close work with stakeholders, activists and influencers related to marine conservation

Leibniz Institute of freshwater ecology and inland fisheries (IGB)

DNA sequencing from lake water samples and data analysis with R

Leibniz-Zentrum of Marine Tropenforschung (ZMT)

Activities related to on-going projects at the Mangrove Ecology department like measuring mangrove tree and seagrass compartments

German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

Activities were done in the Microwave and Radar Institute. For example learning the use of Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) to create two-dimensional images or three-dimensional reconstructions of objects, such as landscapes

German Marine Research Consortium

CSA Preparation on ocean and waters, research into marine and freshwater topics, key influencers in Europe ocean and freshwater and their audiences, reaching general public / including some metrics 



Internship overview

INALE Fisheries Research Institute

Field work and laboratory activities related to research on marine and fisheries biology



Internship overview

WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society)

Fisheries data collection and cleaning, analysing and reporting. Interview of local fisherman and ecological monitoring.



Internship overview

Fondazione IMC - ONLUS Centro Marino Internazionale

Research activities on intensive and extensive aquaculture in coastal areas and lagoons of Sardinia



Internship overview

Tropical Biosphere Research Centre University of the Ryukyus

Assistance in lab experiments at Sesoko Station, data management for experiments, assistance in preparation for fieldwork, assistance in fieldwork (inc. diving), assistance in compiling results from fieldwork



Internship overview

KMFRI (Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute)

Activities are related to fisheries assessment (stock assessment, sampling procedures, management) and blue carbon ecosystems (supporting in field work activities, monitoring, community engagement, restoration)

Local Ocean Conservation: Watamu Turtle Watch

Research program designed to monitor sea turtle populations and the environment they rely upon

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Research related to marine conservation of coral reef, sea turtles and others.



Internship overview

University of Malta, Department of Biology

Research on impacts of fishing on benthic communities through analysis of video footage by a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)



Internship overview


Learning about (biological) survey techniques, how to input the results into datasheets; learn specifically about biodiversity indicator species of coral reef; what is a healthy coral reef, ecosystem services of reef, focus on issues with plastic and coral reefs, learn to identify fish and coral species, learn techniques to monitor the health of the reef ecosystem



Internship overview

Evides Industriewater B.V.

Participation in on-going projects like the New energy and resources from Urban sanitation (NEREUS) project

NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)

Participation in on-going projects like (1)"Synoptic Intertidal Benthic Survey" : sampling, sediment samples analysis, laboratory work with benthos samples, (2) Focus on the study of acoustic Sediment Erosion Dynamic (aSED) sensors in the exposed location Zuidgors, (3) Quantifying the bio-availability of nutrients in different types of mineral dust from Sahar and the Middle-East in the project "Fertilization of marine life with desert dust"

The North Sea Foundation (Stichting De Noordzee)

Participation in on-going projects like Clean shipping

ZEEWAAR (Seafood farm in Amsterdam)

Assessment of macro algae species and sub species growing in the Zeeland seaweed farm



Internship overview

Pro Delphinus

Fisheries assessment and genetic analysis

NGO Terra Nuova

Internship activities were related to population assessment of marine species and assisting in ongoing projects related to sustainable management of wetlands



Internship overview

AIMM Portugal

Fieldwork activities on research vessels

Oceanic Observatory of Madeira (OOM)

Participation on research campaigns where was learn how to operate oceanographic equipment, process data and finally contribute in a research paper

Instituto Dom Luiz

Field work in estuarine ecosystem and laboratory work include opening of cores, describing, subsampling, freese-dry and basic sedimentological analyses

Institute of Marine Sciences Okeanos, University of the Azores

Monitoring and observing patterns of migration, daily movements, abundance levels etc. of pelagic fauna with the main focus on sea turtles



Internship overview

Blue Resources Trust

The internship included:
- underwater surveys of coral reefs to assess coral bleaching, coral cover and benthic composition
- assessment of seagrass cover and species composition in the Valaichchenai Lagoon
- mangrove and coastal vegetation surveys
- reef fish landing surveys for catch composition, size and weight
- data entry and analysis
- field station operation and equipment maintenance



Internship overview

Sweden Water Research LAB

Studying the processess of brownification, eutrophication and their synergy responses for Lake Bolmen during the summer season of 2021



Internship overview

AFO (Aqua-Farms Organization)

Internship activities related to community training and organisation, sampling of macro invertebrates, analysis of data and workshop with stakeholders of the area

Zanzibar Petroleum Development Company

2D seismic surveys in Pemba-Zanzibar

PMFZ Aquafarm Co. LTD

The aim of the internship was to know the lessons learned from different initiatives and programs of mariculture in Tanzania (economical influence on and social services as a benefit). The fieldwork involved conducting interviews in five regions: Mtwara, Lindi, Tanga, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar. The aim was to make an analysis of the failures and challenges of these initiatives and programs.



Internship overview

College of Marine Science USF

Sampling of seagrasses and macroalgae, laboratory analysis of collected samples and genomics



Internship overview

GreenHub - Centre for Supporting Green Development

The internship involved work as an assistant to project coordinator for the LSPP project. The main task was assisting to organize M28 activities in Hanoi city, gathering data from project activities in Da Nang, Hoi An, MPAs and developing the final report for M28 under USAID framework.