How to build a profitable one person business (in five steps).

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Replace your corporate salary doing what you love.

This stuff only works if you are willing to put in the work, and importantly, to tap into your most powerful asset...Your Unique Contribution. 

Five chapters of actionable lessons you can apply today
Here's what's inside...

Chapter 1: Answer these four questions to know for certain which direction to take your business

You'll identify how your strengths, interests, curiosities and personality  (aka your Unique Contribution) can answer questions about your business direction and you'll make the decisions that you've been putting off for months. This ensures your offer is in full alignment so you can be ready to sell.  

Chapter 2: This is how you stand out from the sea of competition (even with zero budget)

When you create a business that stands for something you will ace the competition because people care more about what you do; customers connect with you on a deeper level and ultimately, buy more from you.  

Chapter 3: Why you shouldn’t take ‘inspiration’ from business tycoons when you start out

Why you are overcomplicating your business and the antidote: how to create an offer your ideal client cannot help but say yes to, and is done in a way that lights you up as you do it. 

Chapter 4: The sales and marketing lesson that cost me thousands of pounds to learn

No tacky or awkward pitches here. Teaching you the crucial difference you need to understand about sales and marketing and my very expensive (thousands of ££) lesson learnt along the way.

Chapter 5: The three harsh realities of wealth creation

Learn the concept of creating value for your customers, not trading your time for money. But creating true WEALTH requires another set of skills you need the master. This is what they are.

Your Unique Contribution is the truest expression of the work you were put on this earth to do. It is the foundation of building an expertise-based business you'll love. Once you uncover this...the rest will follow. 

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