Discover what's inside.

Lightworker. Wounded Healer. Mystical Priestess. Oracle Yogini in the purple stretch pants. I see you.

I see your magical nature. Your spidey sense. The tingle that you feel up your spine when you encounter a trace of magic, a glitter thread woven into the world.

I see your altar, your pockets full of acorns and feathers, your collection of heart-shaped stones. 

You see patterns. Symbols. Mystery. You connect the dots of things which seem to be discrete.

Sometimes, when you have the time and the space to be with yourself, you can feel into the energy around you and sense a presence there, willing, listening, like a friend.

Sometimes, when you’re moving through the ups and downs of your day, you look up, the image of a face suddenly flashing in your mind. You may even sense, somehow, that the phones about to ring and they’ll be on the other end of the line.

How do I know? How do I see you?
I am you. I’ve been where you are.

Also, I listen.

For some time now, we have been talking. You have come to my virtual office seeking answers or even, questions, to connect you to the …. something that you sense but cannot see. You have told me how you search. And how it feels to just know things - real things, for which there is no proof.

You tell me you want to take it further. Something is missing - the higher education that might help you fill in the holes, might complete the education you did get - the one that left out all the light, all the magic, all the women, all the color. An education like a sky full of stars with no names and no map (or mapping skills) with which to chart them. An education like a colander, full of holes, that lets the magic (and so many stories) leak out of the world.

You tell me you are ready to bring that magic back - to your workplace, your relationships, your family. You tell me you sense (you know) that there's more magic than you've been able to make on your own.

There is more magic to this world than you've imagined. (Well, actually, you HAVE imagined it - you’ve sensed it, seen it in dreams and visions - you’ve experienced it, the way you know who’s on the phone. The way you ask a question and a sign comes.)

When I say that I see you, it’s because you are everywhere, on fire with life as you awaken from the illusion that taught you you were separate from Grace, separate from angels, separate from magic and miracles and the mystery that you know is real.

I see you going through the world without the gift that would tie it all together, make it make sense and make it easier.

I see you and I call you home.

ONECircle is not a schedule - it's a cycle, spiraling around a year of offerings.  There are no pre-requisites, no spiritual ladder to climb. This work is spherical, so you can enter it anywhere and be right at the beginning.

It begins with my own longing - and a vision.

For years, I searched for a college that I was never able to find. A school where I could study the things I was interested in: energy anatomy and mystical poetry, guided imagery and spiritual science. 

I saw myself walking the paths between classroom and dining hall, gathering in a chapel for prayer, I imagined the sound of a source-fed well, trickling nearby., and a steady fountain of soul-quenching wisdom.

In reality, I was living my crazy busy life, as a working mother and wife. Now and then, the vision of that college - that mystery school - would appear again. I found one or two schools that seemed to be offering what I needed - but they were too far from home to be practical and WAY too expensive to be feasible. At least for me.

Disappointed, I kept searching. I longed to sink into the more natural rhythms of my own inner clock, to satisfy my hunger for information. To tuck into bed with a good book and wake in the morning to capture the tail of the vivid dream I'd dreamed. Just thinking about it my breathing slows, my body softens.

We need a way to slow down, to soften, to deepen. Can you feel this, too?

Though I was never able to find that school, the clarity of my longing never faded, and I did what we spiritual seekers do - piecing together a version of that education, and that life, like a star-covered patchwork quilt.

It's funny how life always leads us where we're going. How the soul knows - and guides us - back home. 
ere I am, building the mystery school campus I longed to find in a space that might be accessible for anyone, from anywhere. A virtual and liminal dream space.

It's all for you.

Well, wait. That's not entirely accurate. It's for me, too. I can't wait to begin working there.

ONECircle is what happens when you cross a smorgasbord with a membership circle with a mystery school.

This is something new.

With no levels or tiers and
no holding back a little piece for the premium group.

Whatever work I'm offering this year, you get all of it.
This is everything I have to give.

Making an offer like that is an invitation to you
- it's also a challenge to ME
to show up and give you everything I have.

This is how ONECircle unfolds around you.


Take what you want. Leave the rest.  Come back later - or not. It’s up to you.


Follow your own rhythm and intuition. Move. Meditate. Muse. Try different ways of knowing.


Weekly Zoom Calls
Facebook Group

ONECircle is a cycle of teaching, built around the wheel of the seasons and the work I’ve been teaching for ten years.

You can enter at any time and be right at the beginning.
Stay for the year and we’ll cycle around again.

Expansion and Contraction is the normal flow of life 

In my work with clients and students from around the world, I’ve noticed there are specific things that a spiritual seeker needs from a teacher like me:

  • You need connection, discussion, the resonance that builds when a group of like-souled beings come together around the fire of shared purpose.
  • You need to be seen and heard - we all do. You need soul-mirroring - the witnessing of the fullness of what you are, who you are, especially when you lose touch with that light.
  • You need to give - to uplift and support others, and express the beauty that you see and sense in them.
  • You need a space to connect with your kind of god, goddess, universe, higher self - where you can worship your way and pray your kind of prayer. You need a spiritual house - a sanctuary - free of dogma and supported in light.

And for all of this, I offer you ONECircle.

On my blog, I recently shared a  series of dreams.  In the first one , I was standing in a long line, in a dark and dreary landscape. We seemed to be waiting for something to change. Waiting and waiting. Honestly, it felt depressing. Then, a light buzzed up and beckoned me to follow. I did follow, stepping out of line. When I did, I felt myself filling with color, with light, with life!

That dream was a personal call inviting me back to joy - and back to work. It was also a call for you - for all of us - to wake from the dream of despair and heaviness and choose light. . .

But this is not the kind of light where we float off the planet on a cloud of rainbows and glitter. The world has changed - requiring more of every one of us, especially those who are called to spiritual work. To light work.

Our changed world requires a centered luminosity rooted firmly in Love - a light that is rooted also, in compassion. More than ever before, we need to learn to hold our world, and everyone in it, in blessing. We need a Love that is wide and deep and grounded enough that it can contain hard conversations about uncomfortable things (like systemic racism, hate crime, toxic masculinity (and toxic femininity) - all of the distortions of our culture).

To cultivate a light (and a sprituality) spacious enough to hold the full spectrum of our likenesses and our differences, we need our feet firmly planted on the earth. It's the only way we will be able to do what we came here to do - to bless every inch of everything  back to Love.

This kind of spirituality doesn't come from crystals or smudge sticks or a special formula of essential oils.  It can only come from within.

And it's already there - a deep pilot light of divine Love that was planted in your heart the day you were born. A light that has burned ever since, that has never (and will never) give up on you no matter what happens.

I designed ONECircle with that light in mind because Lightworker, Wounded Healer, Yogini in the purple stretch pants - I see you.  And you are so beautiful to me - and so very welcome in my world.

I hope you'll join me in ONECircle.


To sign up

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ONECircle Weekly

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ONECircle Monthly

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 If you cannot afford my fee,  I offer two scholarships to ONECircle per season - that’s 8 per year. If you would like to apply for a scholarship (partial or full) please contact me here.

Program Summary

ONECircle is built around the principles of the Soul Caller and Sacred Biography teachings of Amy Oscar, offered as a twelve-part cycle of the seasons. Because of the cyclic rhythm, you can join at any time and you will always be at the beginning. This allows for you to find the work in your own time and move through it in your own way.

The weekly round

Sunday Noon Sanctuary
Tuesday 6pm ET Practice Lab

The Monthly round
Thursday 6pm Salon

The Seasonal round

All the workshops and classes I offer
Usually on Thursdays, at least one per season
dates TBA

    Some thoughts about me as your teacher . . .

    When you come to my work, you won't find me dressed in a chiffon gown or smudging my workspace on Instagram. One reason: I'm kind of an introvert. I don't mind flash but I prefer depth. I'm guessing you do, too.

    So, though I admit to a fondness for gold sandals and head wraps, you'll likely find me dressed in yoga pants and a well-loved sweater - we don't need to dress up like goddesses to access serious spiritual truth.  And we don't need to raid the ceremonies of other peoples' ancestors to
    connect with the gods.

    I offer grounded, reality-based and experimental spiritual work (that is mostly spiritual play) that invites you to test reality. You go outside to listen to the world for guidance (as opposed to using your miraculous, marvelous connection to source to demand specific results). You come inside, journeying through the rooms of your interior landscape.

    I do teaching that puts the full power of your potential back in your hands. So that when you pick up that crystal, you can harness its focusing power. So that when you tune into a chakra you can see, feel, taste and smell its energy.  So, even though soul work isn't magic, a  wild, sacred paradox runs through it all: proof that you REALLY live in a listening and responsive world, proof that you REALLY are wired to connect with it all.

    That kind of proof gives you a soul-led confidence you carry with you - within you - all of your life. 

      Program notes:

      ONECircle does not have its own Facebook group.
      We connect on Zoom and inside of my free Soul Caller Circle group.

      Sunday Sanctuary:
      Meets every week, with breaks for major holidays. TBA

      Tuesday Practice LAB
      is a rotation of different activities, including:
      Soul Call Cards Discussion and Practice LAB; Writing Together; Journeying within; Art-making; Movement; Dream Circle; Whatever is needed
      - Sometimes we take a week off to integrate.

      ONECircle goes on vacation:
      The first two weeks of August
      The last two weeks of December

      ONECircle is still forming
      I designed ONECircle to be responsive to the people who show up to participate. So, in the course of our work together, things may change. We may add new features: like book club or additional Soul Call Card practice sessions. We may observe together that we'd like a daily morning check-in for a little stretch and/or meditation, a popup workshop on a particular topic of a Practice LAB on a different day of the week, we can decide that together and adjust. 

      ONECircle is built around an annual cycle. While you are in the program, you will be billed at the interval you select (weekly, monthly, annually).

      Leaving the program:
      You may leave the program at any time by cancelling your payment plan. This will stop all future payments. No refunds will be given for payments already made. Please choose your payment plan with this in mind.

      Rejoining the program:
      You can rejoin the program at any time.