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Plan and Produce an Online Course in 8 Easy Steps

How to Get Started with eLearning?

Creating an engaging, professional and effective eLearning experience for your learners can seem daunting and overwhelming. There are many components to keep in mind:

 Project planning | Audience | Transformation | Technology | Pedagogy | Marketing

This workshop is for experts in their niche planning or creating online courses. I will help you understand all the necessary elements of the course creation process - the audience, the transformation you promise, how to produce, deliver and market your training. 

I will walk you through the necessary steps such as:

  1. Your offer:  Identifying what you can teach and sell
  2. Course roadmap: Planning your course
  3. Detailed map:  Drilling down into specific topics
  4. Production: Creating your course materials 
  5. Implementation: Uploading and test your course on your LMS
  6. Marketing: Planning your sales sales and marketing 
  7. Launch:  Running your course and looking after your learners
  8. Evaluate: Monitoring, reviewing and improving your offering


Thursday, June 16th, 1.00 PM GMT

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About me

I help teams and individuals with planning, developing and delivering eLearning courses, their elements and producing online training events.

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