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The name May is the modern-day English adaption of the Latin word Maius, the Greek goddess of growth. May is also known as a month of transition and a time of change. This is the perfect time to look at the direction your business is going and find new ways to grow.

Effective leadership in business can bolster and promote teamwork, cultivate a sense of greater good, motivate, inspire trust, or provide purpose and direction. There are several factors that contribute to the success or failure of a business, and your staff must be considered high on that list. Identifying good people to work for your business is crucial to your success. No matter how great your products or services are and how detailed your strategy is, without the right people in place it’s debatable whether you'll achieve what you set out to.

This month’s Online Networking with a SPIN event will focus on leadership and choosing the right people to help you grow. To shed some light on this subject, our Spinner Paulina Stankiewicz will share her tips on how to hire the right people - from setting goals and outlining company values to crafting the perfect job description and asking the right questions.

Join Spin Ideas' Online Networking with a SPIN on May 5th. 

What is the Online Networking with a SPIN event?

Every first Thursday of the month Spin Ideas hosts the Online Networking with a SPIN, an event where we network and connect. You will have the chance to meet new and old friends from all over the world.
In case you are brand new to our ONS events, here is what you can look forward to:

  • Our one-of-a-kind SPIN: You can ask us to invite a person you cannot reach via the usual channels. Our team will gladly reach out to them and do our best to convince them to join the event and connect with you.
  • One hour of networking.
  • No speaker, no online course, just good and meaningful networking to help you meet new potential business partners, clients, and all-around exciting people.
  • Our topics and tips are interesting and fun and rotate monthly. We bring in one of our Spinner Experts to share useful tips on the designated theme.

We have joined forces with Zebras Unite Amsterdam Chapter to bring together even more interesting people and learn about new business methods and trends.

I have attended the SPIN Ideas Online Networking with a SPIN event a few times and really enjoyed the relaxed and light approach to connecting with new people and growing my network.

Kate Brettell, Leadership and Empowerment Coach

How we are spinning it:

  1. We will all meet via Zoom and use the breakout rooms to engage in a series of 15-minute networking sessions.This means we all get the time to really connect and meet new people.
  2. We challenge you to focus on the message you want to pass on.
  3. Be curious and think out of the box!
  4. Make sure to have your camera and mic on: we want to see and hear you.
  5. We encourage you to list your name and location when you log in. This is a great conversation starter!
  6. Be open to meeting new people and have fun.

How the Online Networking with a SPIN event can be used to YOUR advantage:

  • Gain visibility: you meet new people and make new meaningful connections every single time.
  • Bring value to your clients and network: invite your clients, prospects and network to join the events too. They will meet new people that could be their next client or business partner and be part of a business community. They will then see you as an authority when it comes to connections.
  • Build relationships: join the SPIN Ideas Community and allow others to get to know you by sharing your projects and any interesting facts about you and your company.
  • Learn something new: With every edition, we bring you a different theme and invite an expert to share tips on the designated topic. Don't worry, there are two minute tips shared between the sessions while we are busy with the tech part, so we are not taking away from your networking time.

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This event is organised in collaboration with Zebras Unite Amsterdam Chapter


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