Clinics held July & August

LIVE & INTERACTIVE online classes!

WHEN:  LIVE classes held 1x per week for approximately 3.5 hours each class. Class days and times voted on by enrolled participants. The same content will be covered in both courses.

  • July 2022: Classes held over weeks of July 4, July 11, and July 18th.
  • August 2022- Classes held over weeks of August 15, August 22, and August 29.

Live classes will be recorded and available for participants to watch/review if they miss any live times.

Earn 10+ hours of CEUs!

WHERE: Online using Zoom & HF&FF educational platform



Are you ready for a fun, challenging, and engaging workshop that has been built specifically for adaptive/therapeutic riding instructors?

I want to help take YOU to the next level as an adaptive/therapeutic riding instructor by helping YOU become a CHAMELEON INSTRUCTOR!

Walk away with tools and techniques to add to your "instructor toolbox"...ones that you can IMMEDIATELY apply and see changes in the quality and outcomes of your lessons!

This clinic is designed for instructors that teach students of various abilities and who may have a physical, cognitive, or emotional diagnoses. The topics covered will give you more tools and techniques to add to your instructor toolbox that you can apply immediately in your lessons! This clinic will challenge you to think outside the box and push you to grow as an instructor.

Instructors of all experience levels welcome! Topics covered will help instructors take their teaching to the next level and will also be helpful in preparing them for entry or advanced level certifications through various certifying organizations like PATH Intl., CHA-IRD, etc.

No matter where you are at in your instructor journey from instructor in-training to experienced instructor, this clinic will benefit you!


  • Expanding on the Essentials- A quick review of the "essentials" of solid instructions will lay the foundation then we will dive deeper and challenge you to grow in your delivery of these key principals. 
  • Cueing and Learning Theory- Enhancing communication, learning, and progression through external focused cueing. 
  • The Chameleon Instructor- Teaching to different learning styles and filling your instructor “tool box” with different ways to teach and explain common skills (reining, halts, etc.)
  • OODA Loop for Instructors- enhance lesson safety, instructor decision making, and student processing
  • Adapting for Independence- Adapting tack, equipment, and volunteer support to enhance your student’s safety while facilitating independence
  • Our Equine Coworkers- How instructors can safely and ethically partner with our equine co-workers to provide top-notch lessons for students of all abilities.
  • KISS Lesson Planning- Stop overthinking lesson planning! Understand how to build lesson plans that are solid and able to be used with different student ability levels and class sizes.
  • Creative Volunteer Utilization- Creative ways to utilize volunteers in classes to help promote independence and progression of your students and streamline your time as an instructor.
  • Mounting & Dismounting Techniques- Safety, best practices, and mechanics for students and instructors. Real life videos (submitted by participants) will be discussed and analyzed. PLUS a challenge for you and your students!

Two ways to attend!

Participant (Limit of 4)- $73 ($63 IIC member)

Individuals who register as a "Participant" will be asked to bring a short video of their teaching from home and a short video of them performing a mount or dismount with a student. 

Participants will get individualized feedback on their teaching video that identifies their unique strengths and helps them target areas for self development that will help optimize their growth and development as an instructor. 

Mounting/dismounting videos will be used as examples and points of discussion during mounting/dismounting section of clinic.

Auditor- $58 ($48 IIC member)

Individuals who register as an "Auditor" are allowed to observe and ask questions during the entirety of the clinic.

Auditors will not be asked to submit a video of their teaching and/or performing a mount or dismount and will not receive individualized feedback regarding strengths and personal development goals.

Questions about this clinic?

Contact or Call/Text623-326-7589

Other Details & FAQs

Do I have to be a certified instructor to attend?

NO! This clinic is open to any instructor or instructor in-training that is currently working with or preparing to work with students that have a physical, cognitive, and/or emotional diagnosis. 

If you are a "traditional" instructor that is teaching mainstream lesson but are interested in teaching students with formal diagnoses and/or want to know how to better meet the learning and physical needs of ANY student...then this workshop is also for you!

Does this clinic count as CEUs?

Yes! This clinic will meet CEU requirements for multiple certifying organizations (PATH Intl, CHA, CanTRA, etc.). Please check with your certifying agency for details.

Formal CEU breakdown (CEU type) from PATH Intl. Main Office will be given to participants.

Will this help me prepare for a PATH Intl. Certification?

Yes! The topics covered in this clinic align with topics in the PATH Intl. CTRI and ADVANCED Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification Criteria. We will be discussing things at a level that are above entry level knowledge in an effort to challenge and grow instructors during the short time we have together.

Please note that this clinic is not fully inclusive and the "only" thing you should do to prepare for a certification. This clinic is an excellent supplement to the hours you spend with your mentor during your training and Supervised Teaching hours. 

Attendees will also find that the topics, skills, and methods covered in this clinic prepare them for other certifications such as the CHA-IRD or CanTRA process. 

Meet Your Clinician

Saebra Pipoly

Saebra is the owner and founder of Hoof Falls & Footfalls, LLC where she specializes in teaching adaptive riding lessons as well as providing in-person, online, and remote clinics geared towards instructor education, coaching, and development. 

She is a lifelong equestrian and has been immersed in the Equine Assisted Services industry (formerly EAAT) since early 2008 where she has since received multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and CHA. She has a passion for building up and educating instructors through in-person and online educational opportunities and has the honor of teaching and presenting not only across the USA but also in several international settings.

Grow and empower quality instructors = growing the number of lives impacted through high-quality adaptive equine activities.

Disclaimer: This clinic is developed and taught by Saebra Pipoly of Hoof Falls & Footfalls for educational purposes. Saebra is a certified professional holding multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and  CHA. This clinic and the information provided are independent of PATH Intl. and CHA and may not reflect views and/or opinions of the offices. Participants should always default to the information, polices, and procedures provided by the PATH Intl. and/or CHA website, office, and staff.