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In just a few email sessions you will take your parenting from fights and power struggles to connection and cooperation 

You will: 

  • Stop yelling, fighting, and punishing
  • Put an end to behaviors that push your buttons
  • Bring compassion, empathy, and cooperation back home
  • Free yourself from the fear, the guilt, and the same 
  • Raise children who are free from fear, guilt, and shame

Online Parent Coaching

Convenient, Affordable, Life Changing



I have no words to express my gratitude. Viki changed our lives.


United Kingdom

I found Viki just a second before I went crazy, I swear. Now our lives are beautiful again. It's amazing what a little change of perception can do.



I thought I was losing it with my 5 year old. The only thing she ever showed was anger and more anger. We couldn't find a way to talk to her. But that all changed when we met Viki. It took a few weeks but we can now talk to her, connect with her and she is really amazing. We just had to tweak a few things in our communication!

Variety of coaching plans available - custom to your specific needs 

The first session is always on me

After you've filled in your details and clicked the button below, you will receive an email. Reply to me and tell me of one behavior, of one child, that pushes all your buttons and drives you crazy. You will receive a detailed reply, tailored to your situation, within 24 hours.