School Programs

Helping students lead and promote healthy, safe and active lifestyles.

Creating advantageous conditions for motor skills and cognitive development.

Brighter Futures.

Cooperating with schools to ' kick goals' in key areas -

Creating authentic opportunities to develop the Self Management, Interpersonal and Movement Skills needed to live healthy, safe and active lifestyles.

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Healthy, Active Lifestyles

Empowering young Australians to live a healthy, safe and active lifestyle.

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Wellbeing and Relationships

Helping students build personal identity, strengths and respectful relationships.

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Movement and Performance

Using football as a movement experience to develop confidence and competence.

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Friends. Fun. Football

Age appropriate planning established on a model of long-term development.

Establishing a foundation for students to actively contribute to the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others in the community.

Nurturing Growth.

We're here to ensure the perfect fit for your school. 

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To Your Door

Mobile operations allow for programs to be conducted at your school or, in consideration of facilities, a specific venue designated by the school.

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As You Wish

Aimed to meet the outcomes/objectives of the PDHPE Syllabus. Programs can also be modified to the exact need(s) of the school.

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Every age and level catered for - Preschool, OOSH, K-12, including Targeted Sports Athletes and Special Needs students. 'Football is for everybody!'

Above and Beyond.

Helping students bolster resilience, self-discipline and the skills to interact respectfully with others.

Something For Everyone.

Programs that can be customised to your schools condition(s).

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The "Good Game" Initiative

The 'GG' Initiative emphasises developing qualities such as leadership, teamwork, resilience and support. A hugely popular program, encouraging students to unite in order to overcome.

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Skills Development

For schools with a sporting focus, this offers an opportunity for football-loving students to immerse themselves in a program tailored towards improving skills, technique and biomechanics.

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World Cup 'Rewards' Day

In line with 'Rewards Day' schemes provided by schools, World Cup days are used to unite the school community and participate in an action-packed, fun-filled day of football!

Confidence, Competence, Creativity.

Encouraging students take personal responsibility for their actions and emotions. Inspiring positive action to protect and enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of others.