Ordinary to Awesome

An online smartphone photography course for families to do together at home, taking your photos from Ordinary to Awesome

A beginners photography course, to learn all about how to take better photos, from selfies, portraits and pet photos, to flatlays, closeups and still lifes.  Plus an introduction to the technical side, with how photography works, exposure, using light, and taking photos on your phone.

Seven daily emails full of info for your lessons + and a month's support, more tips, and daily photo prompts to keep you all practicing, in a closed facebook group.

Based on using a phone, but the skills are transferable to any tablet with a camera or any proper camera.

** Available from April 1st 2020 **

Just £99.00, with access for the whole family/household, so you can all learn together.

More info on my website at https://www.pictureyourbrand.co.uk/ordinary-to-awesome/

> Would you like something different to entertain the kids with? (Away from the computer and television, and that doesn't make a mess?!)

> Would they enjoy learning and doing something new? Something creative? Something to take their minds off everything else that's going on?

> Do you have teens who'd like to take better selfies?  Tweens who'd like to learn how to use their new phone camera properly?  Younger children who'd enjoy joining in and photographing their pets or toys with their tablet? 

Then sign up for my online photography course for families, and learn all this:

> Take your photos from ordinary to awesome with all my advice (and some practice!) and wow your family and friends with you social media photos

> Find out how to photograph / improve your selfies and portraits, flatlays, close-ups and still lifes - and landscapes for when you can get outside again!

> Learn how to edit your photos on your phone

> No fancy camera required, just your phone! (but also works for your tablet, or any camera)

> It can all be done at home

> Easy to implement info, tips, tricks and tools to improve your photos

> The course material will be delivered via emailed pdfs every day for a week, then weekly for the rest of a month.  Plus a month's support, more tips, and daily photo challenges to follow to keep practicing, Q&As and feedback in a private facebook group.

**  All this for only £99.00, for access for all the family / household **

More info on my website at https://www.pictureyourbrand.co.uk/ordinary-to-awesome/

Step 2: Sign up to the emails here.

Step 1: Pay here if you didn't do that first!

Kind words from previous photography courses:

"It's been really useful, thank you Jane" - Caroline Bruce

"I'm enjoying learning from all your tips Jane" - Emma Roscoe

"Have really enjoyed this, thank you!" - Christie Fogden

"The tips you have given will definitely change the way I take photos now and in the future, taking more care and thought about it.  Thank you for all your time and hard work." - Fiona Sullivan

"Thoroughly enjoyed Jane’s photography course my skills were severely lacking ... Jane gave so many tips that really made a difference, including functions I didn’t know were available on my mobile camera.  Positioning and lighting make such a difference for a start and the slider function is now in use.  Information is given in bite size chunks so anyone can keep up... Such a plus for personal shots too, I am no longer ashamed of my efforts!  Thanks Jane, it was great and looking forward to sharing more of my photos in the group" - Clare Summerton