The Overachiever Spiral Workshop Series SELF-DOUBT

What it means. What it’s telling you. How to find clarity.

Has this ever happened to you? You're sitting at your kitchen table staring off into the distance. Laundry unfolded, dishes in the sink, sitting next to a to-do list 10ft deep, and your frozen.  Stuck. Lost. Tension builds, but you can't move.

Then, someone chimes in with, "You know what you should do is (insert unsolicited advice)?" And you spend the rest of the morning fantasizing about throwing your full mug of cold coffee at them.

With so many sources of information, misinformation and expectations, self-doubt is on the rise. On the other side of self-doubt is empowered decision making, authentic living, and feeling at peace with ourselves. 

But what does this ACTUALLY look like in practice? How do we get clarity, and how do we move forward?

Together, we'll cover what self-doubt actually means, what it could be telling you and why curiosity is the way out. You'll learn how to listen to your gut, how to respond and leave with a journal exercise that will keep you on track. 

Consider this your invitation to clarity. Sign up now with the link below.  

This all can feel heavy, which is why my process is gentle.

We’re not approaching this work gently because you can’t handle the hard stuff. Of course you can. We’re starting gently because you’re already living the hard stuff.

Gentle is what we need. Not a shovel to go digging into the problem, but a soft, plush, cozy blanket on an overstuffed sofa talking to someone that loves you. 

Gentle. Gentle. Gentle.