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Overcome Toddler Aggression

Gently & Peacefully!!

It's time to stop stressing over your Toddler's 

Hitting / Biting / Throwing / Pulling Hair / Kicking / Pushing

Use tried & tested gentle strategies to help your child overcome aggression

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This Guide Is For You If

Your child is 13-36 months old, and you've seen an aggressive streak in the form of Hitting / Biting / Throwing / Pulling Hair / Kicking / Pushing.

You've been worried and embarrassed about it, 

tried every possible strategy and you're now looking for proven ways to get your child to stop being aggressive. 


If you have an infant, soon entering this age group, this free guide will help you be prepared to successfully prevent or handle your child's aggression.

Here's what's included

Strategies & Action Plan to handle Hitting / Biting / Throwing / Pulling Hair / Kicking / Pushing with your Toddler

  • What to Do
  • What to Say 
  • Observe for Warning Signs & Prevent Aggressive Breakouts

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    With The Action Plan, You Can

      • Stop stressing & Tackle aggression in your toddler as and when it arises, gently and peacefully.
      • Observe for warning signs and prevent aggressive behavior using appropriate energy outlets & relaxation techniques
      • Imbibe key life skills like emotion management in your toddler, over time through your consistent and gentle responses.
      • Enjoy Toddlerhood & Create Beautiful Memories With Your Little One

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      Sharon Mary

      Sharon is a Parenting Communication Coach, who helps parents foster a strong and deep connection with their kids through meaningful conversations. She is a work-from-home Mum to a toddler, sharing her parenting wit and wisdom on her blog, Thought Symphony.