Interactive Online Workshop on How to Get Unstuck by Dissolving Overwhelm

Get Unstuck
by Dissolving Overwhelm.

Dec 3rd (Thu) | 7pm – 9:30pm (Eastern Time / USA)

On Zoom (Link sent to your email)


USD 115

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No refunds will be honored after Nov 19th,
unless you are dissatisfied by the workshop.

The workshop comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Feeling overwhelmed?

This workshop will help you...

  1. Cut through the noise and clutter of your thought. 
  2. Come up with prioritized next steps for your situation.
  3. Learn to help others do the same.


    This is not a passive webinar or a nice-to-have personal development course. It is a get-down-and-dirty working session that focuses on making progress.

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    This Workshop is for those who are...

    • Feeling stuck, because they cannot find a clear path forward in their challenge given the numerous variables and uncertainty.
    • Currently procrastinating, because they either don’t know what to do about something or find it difficult to break things down into actionable steps.
    • Feeling confused by one’s own jumbled or racing thoughts.
    • Finding it difficult to clearly organize their thoughts due to the complexity and ambiguity in their thoughts.
    • Wanting to more effectively support others who are experiencing the above.

    By the end of this workshop, you’ll...

    1. Feel less confusion, ambiguity, uncertainty, or anxiety.
    2. Have greater clarity of thought.
    3. Have devised a set of next steps you can follow to make progress in your situation.
    4. Know how to more effectively help other people who feel overwhelmed.
    5. Gain access to a private Discord community dedicated to helping each other continue to dissolve our overwhelm after the workshop.

    Hi, my name is Slim.

    I’ve been coaching Founders/CEOs for nearly a decade.

    What I’ve learned in the process is that sometimes they don’t need a full-fledged coach like myself. Instead, they just need someone who can act as a sounding board to help them think in a more clear and structured way, because they’re simply overwhelmed.

    Except, most people do not know how to help us think in a more clear and structure way. Instead, they try to tell us how to think, which, while well-intended, often interrupts and complicates our thoughts further.

    So in this workshop, I will introduce a process where the participants of the workshop can help one another think in a more clear and structured way.

    By following the process, you will not only cut through the noise and clutter of your own thought to come up with actionable next steps for your situation, but also learn how to help others do the same.

    Slim / Executive Coach to Founders & CEOs


    Co-Founder/CEO of Mycle

    Kipoong Kim

    “It was surprising to learn that with the help of another person as a sounding board I could simplify a situation I deemed too complex to handle to such a degree that the solution became readily apparent. The workshop greatly helped me reduce my anxiety. ”


    In case you’re unaware...

    Symptoms of overwhelm include:

      • Feeling stuck and unproductive or lacking focus or motivation, because you cannot find a clear path forward in your challenge given the numerous variables and uncertainty.
      • Procrastinating, because you either don’t know what to do about something or find it difficult to break things down into actionable steps.
      • Feeling confused by your own jumbled or racing thoughts.
      • Finding it difficult to clearly organize your thoughts due to the complexity and ambiguity in your thoughts.
      • Feeling easily irritatedanxious, or frustrated, prone to self-criticism or venting.

      Even prior to the pandemic...

      Your life may have already been filled with people requiring your attention or perhaps you were drowning in to-do’s.

        If so,

        • Remote Work
        • Social isolation
        • Economic Uncertainty

        probably has you experiencing more overwhelm than ever.

        Given the situation, I want you to know that what you’re feeling is normal.

        While the temptation may be to blame your lack of will power or resilience, I invite you to take this workshop instead. 

        This workshop will help you cut through the noise and clutter of your thought to come up with actionable next steps for your situation so you can get unstuck.


        Co-Founder/CEO of Hayan Mind

        Jeong-Min Oh

        “Because the person who acted as my sounding board was an employee of my company, I felt a tremendous sense of trust and security knowing that I will continue to have her as my support. As I saw my thoughts become clearly organized, I felt so relieved that I wanted to rush out of the workshop to take action on issues I had been putting off.”

        Workshop Outline

        1. Introduction
        2. Warm-Up Exercise
        3. Overwhelm Dissolving Exercise: Part 1
        4. Overwhelm Dissolving Exercise: Part 2
        5. Overwhelm Dissolving Exercise: Part 3
        6. Overwhelm Dissolving Exercise: Reprise
        7. Review

        Learning Objectives

        Practice the skills required to help one another...

        1. Speak despite not having perfected their thoughts.
        2. Spatially organize their thoughts.
        3. Accurately and succinctly summarize the important elements of their thoughts.
        4. Identify the unspoken yet important elements in their thoughts.
        5. Clearly organize their thoughts in a way that reduces their overwhelm while also clarifying their situation and a potential path forward.

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        Dec 3rd (Thursday)
        7pm – 9:30pm
        (Eastern Time / USA)

        6pm – 8:30pm (Central Time / USA)
        4pm – 6:30pm (Pacific Time / USA)
        9am – 11:30am on Dec 4th (Singapore / Asia)


        Zoom (Link will be sent to your email)


        USD 115

        Cancel before Nov 19th for a full refund. 

        No refunds will be honored after Nov 19th,
        unless you are dissatisfied by the workshop.



        This workshop requires your participation in the form of live small-group interactions carried out in the privacy of a “break-out room,” a software feature courtesy of Zoom.

        Co-Founder/CEO of Jaranda

        Seo-Jeong Chang

        “Prior to the workshop, I thought I was the only Founder feeling overwhelmed. I even wondered if I had a disability that made it difficult for me to organize my thoughts. I learned through the workshop that this is normal and that I need to more frequently dissolve my overwhelm using the insights gained during the workshop.”

        * Our Guarantee

        If you attend the workshop and find that it does not produce the promised results, reach out to us for a full refund by replying to your confirmation email within 24 hours of the workshop.

        No-shows will not be eligible for a refund.

        Please include your ticket number with the email.

        No other questions will be asked.

        About the Host

        The workshop will be hosted by Seung Chan Lim (Slim).

        Slim dreams of a world where each and every one of us has at least one person we can reach out to at any moment, who can and will support us in the way we find most effective for our own development.

        Executive Coach for Founder/CEOs

        Slim helps improve the leadership performance of founders in pursuit of innovation by supporting the development of their mindset and their relationship and interactions with stakeholders. By invitation from Singularity University and SAP, he has served as the leadership performance coach of over 100 founders.

        Prior to his focus on startups, Slim helped Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense. High-tech product & service innovations he has helped them achieve have won numerous awards including the CES Innovation award.

        His first book is titled, Realizing Empathy.

        The principles embodied in the process taught in the workshop is codified in the book “Realizing Empathy”

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