Your Best EVER is Yet to Come...

Women are multi-orgasmic, by nature

Yet most just don't know their Truly Divine and Delicious 

Potential for Pleasure.

I was taught how to feel in 

ways that opened my heart. Then my entire body felt washed with waves of light, love, and exquisite energy!

I never knew how much pleasure I could feel. And how deeply it would transform me from numb to yum!

Awaken the ecstasy of love & lightness within you.

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4 Pillars of Profound Pleasure

This guide will help you to open to your deepest desires. And show you how to awaken your Ecstatic Beauty within! 

Essential for partners who yearn to be the best ever lovers!

An exciting journey lies ahead!  

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Mare Simone *E,CTE

Mare Simone transforms traumas into great teachers in 30+ years of pioneering the paths of healing pleasure. From the West to the East, she studied with Masters of many Sacred Sexual lineages from the Tao of Sex to Tantra: Classical & Contemporary. 

Mare teaches Tantra and provides sessions to clear all centers of the body; so you can access whole-body bliss

"It is our birthright to align with the divine within and be renewed. It's my honor to be your guide" MS