You know how much better you feel when you de-stress, rest and rejuvenate.

And you know that self-care time is at least as important as looking after everyone else, because you can’t give from an empty cup. And if you’re an introvert, an empath or a highly sensitive person (HSP), your cup tends to drain more quickly than others’.

But you struggle to make time for self-care - it feels like yet another thing to add to your mile-long to do list and everyone else’s needs just seem to take priority.

What if I told you that you could get control of your time and get the support you need from your family to actually be able to do self-care activities, the kinds that genuinely fill you up. And all without having to sacrifice other priorities, feel guilty about letting anyone down or cause family rifts.

Why grab this planner and guide?...

  • Discover how much time you actually have each week for self-care activities by using a simple planner to get control of your time. Identify little pockets of time where you can slot in the activities without taking time away from all your obligations. Then you can fill your cup without letting anyone down.
  • Bubble baths not cutting it? Choose from 21 self-care ideas, the ones that fit with your temperament and time availability so you can do things that truly make you feel recharged.
  • Learn how to have a conversation with your significant others to get the support you need to do self-care while meeting their needs at the same time – it’s a win-win!