Are you having a hard time figuring how to get people to want your freebie?

The hard truth is it's not enough to have an opt-in need the right kind to attract to grow your email list.

You need the kind that sets you apart from your competition.

And to do that you need the right kind of tools.

Let me show you what I can offer that will help you get on the right path to discover that irresistible opt-in!

Canva Alignment Tool

Use this tool (that comes in TWO colors) to make the design process a whole lot easier when using Canva or any other graphic design tool! And the best part is really simple to use. You can create and align your design quicker than you ever have before (speaking from experience)! 

Resource Lists

Not everything is free for commercial use and if you plan on one day selling your own products, then you need to know where to get what you need. 

Plus I have a list of over 30 kinds of freebies you can make, so you can find the one that will have people clicking the button to download.

Three resources list to make it easy to create an irresistible blog freebie!

  • 32 Types of Blog Freebies
  • 13 Websites to Find Fonts
  • 14 Graphic Design Tools for Bloggers

Shortcut Keys Cheat Sheets

I love shortcuts for the simple reason that they make creating freebies 10X easier and I want it to be the same for you! That's why I have created four shortcut keys cheatsheets for my favorite graphic design tools for YOU! Print them out or save them to your phone. 

  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • PowerPoint
  • Google Slides

Brainstorming Worksheets

Coming up with the blog freebie that will grow your email list is no easy task. That's where these brainstorming worksheets come in.

Use these to help you organize your thoughts and find the freebie you have been searching for!

Choose from three different worksheets to see which one works best for you! Comes in both printable and editable files.

So...are you ready to grow your blog and email list?

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