How to create your personalized

back-to-school reEntry plan!

(So you can get back into your classroom with calmness, clarity, and confidence! )

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

at 1:00 pm (US-CST) / 8:00 pm (EU-CET)

By the end of this workshop, you will be ready to 

Reclaim your classroom composure.

Reconnect with your students.

Redefine your "normal".

Creating a reEntry plan is more important now than ever before! Your reEntry plan will set the tone for the next months, year, and your professional career as a teacher in the unpredictable world of education. 

Whether or not you know what will happen in the coming months, you can decide how to reenter your classroom in this unpredictable time. YOU decide how you are going to navigate the rest of your year - even if you can't predict the path of the pandemic.  

You need a reEntry plan with actionable steps that guarantee a simple, exciting, and unique approach to returning to school. 

Join me in this workshop to learn exactly how to take the next step to create a personalized reEntry plan that helps you navigate your classroom, reconnect with your students, and define your own normal to give the you the freedom to be the best teacher you know you can be - even during a pandemic! 

This workshop is MUST-ATTEND if

  • You are a teacher wanting a clear path to getting back into the classroom.
  • You are tired of not knowing how to get back into a "normal" routine. 
  • You are ready to reconnect with your students.
  • You are tired of not being in charge of your own direction. 
  • You are ready to reignite your passion for teaching. 
  • You are ready to become reEnchanted with your life as a teacher!