What readers say about M.M. Perry


Review for The 13 on Amazon

"M. M. Perry is a really good story teller! The world she has created in this book captivated me from the beginning."


Review for Whom the Gods Love on Amazon

M.M. Perry does a fantastic job at immediately capturing her reader's attention. From the beginning of Whom the God’s Love I was intrigued with the story line and characters, especially Inez - what an image Perry creates of this woman!

N Padgett

Review for the Of God's & Mortals trilogy on Amazon

Talented to say the least, keeps you spellbound and wanting more. This is the writing that we search for when looking for a fantasy novel. It grabs you up quick and keeps you interested in reading. I hope she continues writing books like this series, as I am already one of her biggest fans

About the author

M.M. Perry

M.M. Perry has published ten books. By day, she is an expert cat and dog wrangler, a nacho connoisseur, and writer of fantasy, science fiction and horror. By night… she does the same things. She is hard at work editing her next novel. She’s equally busy teaching her pug to sing along to the Muppets. She is known for saying, “No task involving a pug is impossible, just highly improbable.”

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