A Fast Way To Lighten Your Mental Load

You've got a lot of brilliant ideas, 

a lot of things you want to do, 

a lot of things you have to do (errrg), 

plus all that other life stuff you need to remember.

No wonder your brain feels like a big ol' tangled mess. It's hard to finish a thought, let alone take action (and after all that thinking, you at least need to take a little nap now).

Wait, wait, wait. Before you head off on another cozy little procrastination break, I've got something that will help you 'take a load off'. Your mental load that is.

Take a couple of minutes and download this Coffee Lovers themed Thought Organiser. It's just one page. One simple spot to dump all those itchy thoughts, reminders and strokes of genius.

So next time a caffeine fuelled burst of creative energy strikes you can get those ideas out, organised and alongside a to do list that will bring it all to life.