What is the

Playbook for Painless Sex?

Painful sex feels different person to person. 

Sometimes it feels like things are too tight

Sometimes it feels like ripping at the opening

Sometimes it feels like stabbing pain 

Sometimes it feels like intense abdominal cramping

Sometimes it feels like having your cervix hit

Solutions should feel different, too. 

The Playbook for Painless Sex is a choose your own adventure style playbook, helping you to trial solutions most likely to help you, based on what sex feels like to you. 

You get all of the strategies I commonly provide to patients, as well as guidance on what strategies to start with to make the biggest difference.  

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About the Play Maker

Hi, I am

Dr. Krystyna Holland

I help folks feeling anxious about pelvic pain feel confident in their ability to live without leaking and have painfree sex.