Are Panic Attacks Ruining Your Life?

I’m really excited to be able to tell you about my Healthy Breathing Retraining Programme that teaches you how to banish your panic attacks. For Ever.

My Healthy Breathing Retraining Programme
leads the way to...

Your Panic Free Life

This is a programme like no other. It tackles the heart of the problem. It teaches you how to fix it. It leads the way to Your Panic Free Life.

Here’s a bit of background

I suffered with panic attacks for nine years, together with a whole heap of other puzzling, worrying symptoms. I lost track of the different medications that my GP prescribed – and, hey, please listen up here – pills are not the answer. I went from consultant to consultant specialising in just about everything. They all uttered those immortal words 'I can find nothing wrong with you.’

‘What? Then why do I feel so ill?’

There were quizzical looks, raised eyebrows, silent suggestions that I was a hypochondriac, had a mental issue. Never an answer for nine long years of anguish.

Then, when I had really given up all hope of living a normal, healthy life, I was referred to Dr Claude Lum – a man who was honoured and renowned within the medical profession for his pioneering research into the effect and treatment of disordered breathing.

Dr Lum diagnosed that I was suffering from Chronic Habitual Hyperventilation Syndrome. HVS for short.

A debilitating breathing disorder that was responsible for my panic attacks, exhaustion, migraines, aches, pains, and every other horrible symptom.

Whoever would have thought I could be feeling so rotten because I was breathing incorrectly? Because I started taking every breath from the upper chest instead of the diaphragm it created an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in my blood; upset the acid and alkaline level; affected my nervous system etc. etc.

Let’s fast forward to my recovery process...

I diligently followed Dr Lum’s breathing re-training programme and, gradually, my panic attacks - and other horrid symptoms - totally disappeared.

After my recovery Dr Lum encouraged me to study the treatment of disordered breathing with him – which I did. Now, my Healthy Breathing Re-training attacks.

At this point, it’s important to mention that if you’ve been diagnosed with ME, anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, etc., it’s possible that you’ve been wrongly diagnosed. How do I know? I’ve worked with HVS sufferers who have been wrongly diagnosed and, after following my healthy Breathing Re-training Programme they, like me, now live a wonderful panic free life.

This is a programme that has the ability to take your health and happiness to new heights.

In this programme you get my book ‘Your Panic Free Life’, three videos and a relaxation audio.

The book explains how to quit panic attacks and then the videos demonstrate the breathing techniques as well as explain the finer points of the exercises that can so easily get lost in print.

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Your Panic Free Life Programme

Get ‘Your Panic Free Life’ programme and breathe your way to freedom from panic attacks. You'll get a set of videos that demonstrate the art of correct breathing, a relaxation audio and an e-book that explains the steps to your Panic Free Life

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