5 - Day Colorful Creative Cleansing


September 21 - September 25, 2020

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm EST

Daily Schedule

Ladies, learn how to use your creativity to release pain, express emotions, and redirect your energy towards healing using everyday art materials.

Day 1: Monday


Together, we'll talk about how acknowledging your pain and emotions allows space for healing.

Day 2: Tuesday


We'll move into working through the pain, accepting the place it has in your life, as we move toward the next step of cleansing. 

Day 3: Wednesday

What’s Next?

What does moving forward mean to you?  Now we've done the hard yet necessary work, let's move forward and through.

Day 4: Thursday

Activate Your Muse

Imagine a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon or a vibrant Lotus flower rising up from the muck, mire & mud; you too will emerge to activate the creative beauty within. 

Day 5: Friday


We'll share our artistic transformation as a group, offering encouragement, confirmation, validity, and support as we embrace our creative selves in the creative cleansing process.  


🗯 What supplies will I need to participate in the workshop?

All you need is plain 8.5" x 11" (or larger!)  paper, color markers, crayons, color pencils or pens, watercolor pencils or even pastel pencils. Whatever your have to scribble with! Any old magazines that you have laying around that you wouldn't mind cutting up will be great.  Along with scissors and glue sticks. 

🗯 Do I have to have a Facebook profile to participate in the workshop?

No, you don't.  We are hosting the workshop outside of Facebook so you do not need to have a FB account to participate.  We will provide a Livestream URL address via email so that you may access the stream.  However, you will need to be a member of our private group (Colorful Creative Cleansing: Releasing Emotional Pain) on FB to participate in daily activities during the week of the workshop.   (see FB logo link at the bottom to join the group)

🗯 Do I have to be an artist or even considered "creative" to participate?

Absolutely not.  I want you to come as you are.  NO experience or talent required. Just a willingness to explore and play!

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