Calling All Aspiring Paraeducators 

Navigate the Path to Certification and Job Success

So you've got the passion to become a paraeducator, but let's face it, the certification process can be a maze, and landing a job feels like searching for a unicorn.

Now, here's the deal: your current reality matters because without the right guidance and resources, you might find yourself:

  • stuck in a loop of frustration,
  • missing out on opportunities to kick-start your dream career 
  • and make a real impact in education. 

But fear not! 

I'm here to help you overcome those challenges, gain the skills and confidence you need, and land that awesome paraeducator job that will have you jumping out of bed in the morning, ready to inspire and support students like a rockstar!

Let's turn your passion into reality together!

In The Complete Paraeducator Roadmap: Certification and Job Search Bundle

You'll walk away with...

  • A clear understanding of the paraeducator certification process, demystifying the steps and requirements.
  • Proven strategies to enhance your resume and cover letter, making you stand out in a sea of applicants.
  • Insider tips for acing paraeducator job interviews, boosting your confidence and increasing your chances of success.
  • Practical guidance on navigating the job search process, from finding job openings to networking effectively.
  • Supportive community access, connecting you with like-minded individuals and experienced paraeducators for advice and networking opportunities.
  • Ongoing updates and additional resources to keep you informed and up-to-date in the ever-evolving field of education.

Hey there! I'm Zochil Eagan, the Founder and CEO of A Para Pro!

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