The 5 Day Devotional For the Weary Christian Mom

Support & guidance... to handle your child's meltdowns- no matter how big...

Hey, Friend!

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed by your child's big emotions and meltdowns? Girl, I get it. For years I struggled in complete desperation and brokenness navigating my son's volatile behavior... this is why I've created this 5 Day Devotional.

Rooted in Scripture and neuroscience, this devotional will:

  • Help you break free from inappropriate guilt and shame, and
  • Recalibrate unhealthy expectations of both you and your child so that you can begin to move the needle forward.
  • Journaling & Scripture-based prayer prompts to provide you with space to seek God's wisdom and direction as to how to apply the fresh teaching perspective to your family.
  • Daily video teachings delivered to your inbox each morning providing you with that extra support and encouragement so you know that you are not alone in this. We're in this together!

Ready to break free from that life-sucking cycle of shame and unmet expectations?

Even when life is messy and looks so different from what we believed it should, know this: He still chose you on purpose to raise your child.

Be encouraged and find hope, Sweet Sister. Start the 5-Day devotional now.