What Is Peachy Keen Club?

Peachy Keen Club is an idea I had after I realized I didn't just want to sell a THING, but wanted to create a community! I have created project kits and each kit comes with a club membership. This basically means email check ins to see how your project is coming along, emails with inspiration, hashtag shares and access to the facebook group to see what others are creating!

Our First Project!

We are kicking off Peachy Keen Club with ART JOURNALING! Art journaling has been part of my art practice for years now and has helped me grow so much as an artist! If you have never kept an art journal before, do not fret! Included in each kit is the Club Newsletter that will help get you started!

What is included in the Art Journal Kit?

  • Hand bound scrap paper journal.
  • A collage kit
  • Mini packet of stickers and washi tape
  • Club newsletter + membership
  • Access to the Club Facebook Group

There are two sizes to choose from, small and mini. You can also choose warm or cool colors for your collage kit and extra bits!

Don't want a kit but still want to be part of the club?

Part of the club is the community! You don't have to purchase a kit to be a part of the club. Include your email below and I'll send you the club newsletter filled with art journaling tips and tricks! You'll also be added to the journaling inspiration and check in emails and facebook group. When new projects are created you'll be the first to know!

Art Should Be Accessible!

The idea that art is for everyone is one of my guiding principals in life! I don't want participation with this project to be dependent on someones income. So I created a few extras to sell on a sliding scale or art trade. If you are interested in working out a deal you can email club@peachykeenpress.com and we can chat about it!

About Me!

I'm Remi. I make things and start projects. I'm in love with journaling, snail mail and zines. I create under the umbrella of Peachy Keen Press. Reach out with any comments or questions!