What Is Peachy Keen Club?

Peachy Keen Club is an idea I had after I realized I didn't just want to sell a THING, but wanted to create a community! I have created projects that come with a club membership. This basically means email check ins to see how your project is coming along, emails with inspiration, hashtag shares and access to the facebook group to see what others are creating!

Current Project: Nostalgic Playlist Zine!

For this next project we are making a group zine! This is something I have been wanting to create for while. Collaborative zines are some of my favorite! Also I'm a huge fan of playlists and love all the music memories I've collected over the years. If you can relate to that feeling then this zine is for you!

How To Participate!

Fill out the google form and tell me your top 10 nostalgic songs. Also include a little bit about why these songs hit you in the feels. Then I'll add an illustration to your playlist and compile it all into a zine! Participants will get a copy of the zine once it is all finished! 

What's in it for you?

  • Copy of the zine for free!
  • Your playlist illustrated by me!
  • New tunes to listen to
  • Club newsletter + membership
  • Access to the Club Facebook Group

Don't want to participate, but still want to get emails?

Part of the club is the community! You don't have to participate to be a part of the community. Include your email below and I'll send you a link to the facebook group. You'll also be included in email updates and notified when new projects are created!

About Me!

I'm Remi. I make things and start projects. I'm in love with journaling, snail mail and zines. I create under the umbrella of Peachy Keen Press. Reach out with any comments or questions!