Ready to Start Enjoying Your Life More?

The Secrets to Removing Your Happiness Roadblocks

Your Quickstart Guide to Finding Your Joy

How to Stop Worrying All the Time

"Don't worry." is sometimes easier said than done.  Learn how to cast it aside. 

Cultivate a More Optimistic Outlook

"Bad Attitudes are Like Flat Tires - You Can't Go Anywhere Until You Change Them."   If you're ready to change your attitude - here's how! 

Start Setting and Reaching Goals

Not exactly where you want to be in life yet? Learn the hows and whys of successful goal setting! 

Jennifer Webb

About the author

Jennifer is passionate about inspiring others to live their best life, encouraging them to reach beyond their comfort zones and to seek personal growth. She considers her first book, "The Pearl Perspective: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life" a quick start guide to finding personal happiness. She likens it to decluttering your house, tossing things like worry and listening to the inner critic aside and replacing them with healthier habits such as mindfulness and a more positive mindset. She also outlines practical steps for goal setting and making good choices, while keeping you entertained with often humorous personal stories and examples.

What you'll read

Ch. 1

The Pearl

How it all began

Ch. 2

Change Your Perspective: The Power of Positivity

The impact of changing my own perspective. 

Ch. 3


The importance of living in the moment

Ch. 4

Letting Go of Worry

How worry is robbing your of joy and how to stop it. 

Ch. 5

Why Comparing Yourself to Others Is a Trap

The trap we all fall into - and how to escape!

Ch. 6

Self - Care

Why it's vital to fill your cup so you can better care for others. 

Ch. 7

The Power of Gratitude

How to harness the power of this quick and easy happiness hack!

Ch. 8


Why the words that you tell yourself matter so much.

Ch. 9

Dealing With the Past and Pushing Through Hard Times

How hard times help us to grow, and how to deal with your past. 

Ch. 10

Setting Goals and Chasing Your Dreams

Moving forward to the life you dreams of. 

Ch. 11


How they impact our life and how to make yours better. 

Ch. 12

Handling Critics and Criticism

We all have critics - here's how to not let them drag you down. 

Ch. 13

Build Your Support Network

Don't go it alone! Here's how to find your tribe.  

Ch. 14


Wrapping it all up, last words, and where to go from here!

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