The Pearl Perspective: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life

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Are you currently living your best life?  Do you enjoy your everyday? When someone asks "How are you?" Would you like to believe it yourself it when you say "good"? 

Consider "The Pearl Perspective" your quick-start guide on how to start enjoying your life more now.

There are actual actionable steps that you can take to start living your best life right now.  I share them all and show you how in this book. 

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Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith - Succeed Now

"This book is incredible, I got hooked and couldn’t put it down. I have read many self-development books and this is one of my favorites. It is full of simple action steps that you can add into your life straight away to start seeing improvements. If you are looking to improve your mindset and life I highly recommend this book."

Succeed Now

Suzi Whitford - Start a Mom Blog

"I read a few chapters, it's wonderful! Thank you for being brave and sharing your advice with the world!"

Start A Mom Blog


Tami Walker - The Inspiration Lady

"This book is wonderful! Jennifer gives practical and useful advice that can help you change both your perspective and your life. And it's written in a way that holds your attention like a friend is talking to you over coffee."

The inspiration Lady


Jennifer Winsor - Waves and Willows

"The Pearl Perspective is a beautifully written book that is both uplifting and thought provoking. With both actionable steps and topics for reflection, this book will leave you feeling optimistic and further ahead on your personal development journey.”

Waves and Willows


Are you satisfied with the life that you are currently living? Or, like many of us, are you plodding through your days and merely going through the motions?  Are you wondering when you will feel like your life is really going to start, or if you will die with the same unfulfilled life that you have now? That’s a miserable state to be in, yet far too many people that do exactly that.


The Pearl Perspective: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life shows you the exact steps to take in order to have the life that you want.  Life is too short to spend just going through the motions and not enjoying. I want to empower you to change your life for the better with actionable steps that are easy to follow and inspire you to chase your dreams.

Sharon Easterling, Blog Reader

"I have been one of Jennifer's blog readers for several months now and have always been impressed by her way with words, and her book is no exception! She does such a good job of addressing issues along with self-care and love technics. I couldn't help but think of the example of the Titus 2 woman in the Bible where Paul talks about the "older" women teaching and mentoring the "younger" women. In The Pearl Perspective, Jennifer uses her real-life experiences along with the Bible to help her readers to be able to live their lives in a way that will help them grow. Reading her book feels like sitting down and chatting with her over coffee. She is real and authentic, and her advice is practical and reassuring in a very personal way that you (her reader) have worth and that she truly cares. Definitely a good read and one that I will be passing on to my friends! Way to go, Jennifer! Congratulations on your first book!"

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1: The Pearl 

Chapter 2: Change Your Perspective: the Power of Positivity  

Chapter 3: Mindfulness 

Chapter 4: Letting Go of Worry 

Chapter 5: Why Comparing Yourself to Others is a Trap 

Chapter 6: Self-Care 

Chapter 7: The Power of Gratitude 

Chapter 8: Self-Talk 

Chapter 9: Dealing With the Past and Pushing Through Hard Times  

Chapter 10: Setting Goals and Chasing Your Dreams  

Chapter 11: Choices  

Chapter 12: Handling Critics and Criticism  

Chapter 13: Build Your Support Network  

Chapter 14: Conclusion 

Nikki W. - Mom and Business Owner

“Lots of good information! The author included tidbits of real-life experience that made for an entertaining and highly enjoyable read. Highly recommend!”

Anna Ledonne - Psychology Major

“ I’ve officially finished reading your book, and I enjoyed it immensely. The writing style is casual and easy to read, yet still knowledgeable and inspiring. The content itself is solid, and I love that you backed it up with credible sources. I still felt like I could relate to a lot of what you said.”

The Pearl Perspective: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life

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