This online workshop is right for:

Grandparents, family members, or friends that start to use the app or just downloaded it and want to learn how to use it. 

What is Peekabond

Peekabond is a child-friendly video messaging app that lets families connect across time and space. It offers daily playful prompts in the form of activity cards. 

Why join this workshop? 

- You'll learn how to log in and use the app. 

- You'll get a general overview of Peekabond. 

- You'll get some ideas and an overview of the activity cards you can use with your little ones. 

- We will teach you how to add family members and start to interact with them. 

- You'll get all your answers and doubts answered. 

Peekabond helps global families build meaningful releationships with young children at a distance. Anieke Lamers is the founder&CEO of Peekabond.

About Stanya Pektova, User Researcher and Designer

Stanya is Peekabond's newest user researcher. She firmly believes in and works toward creating ethical and effective design solutions that help people achieve their goals. She uses empathy and creativity to achieve these objectives.

Stanya joined the Peekabond team because she experienced first-hand the difficulty of bonding with a young child from a distance and also having to overcome a language barrier at the same time. She wants to help other aunties like her or any family member build a loving bond with a little one from a distance.

About Kendra Mijatov 

Kendra is our Virtual Assistant. She assists the founders in all types of administrative tasks including: Day to day operations, marketing research, and social media post creation and uploading.

Kendra joined Peekabond because loves the idea of reconnecting with families around the world. as an expat living abroad, she knows the importance of keeping the bond with loved ones while being far away.