This online workshop is right for:

Parents wanting to learn how to manage the stress of transition more proactively for themselves and for their children when going through a transition.

What is meant with Transitions? 

It can be anything ranging from moving abroad, moving home, breaking up or a divorce, role changes, a New job, disease death in family, 
Leaving family and friends behind, Going back to school after a holiday period or even smaller transitions like putting your children to bed.

Why join this workshop? 

- You'll get to know more about what's happening in our brains when we're dealing with change;

- You'll get a framework and tools on how to deal with transitions;

- You'll get inspiration from experts and other participants;

- We'll help you feel and express what happens when going through a transition;

- You can share your story and have the opportunity to ask for input; 

Trova Health is the world's first digital health and wellness company created specifically for expats. Keynote speaker, consultant and facilitator: Emily Baucher.

Peekabond helps global families build meaningful releationships with young children at a distance. Anieke Lamers is the founder&CEO of Peekabond and will be facilitating.

About Emily Baucher
Emily is a keynote speaker, trainer and coaching who is singularly focused on helping people create trusting relationships across differences. She does this by teaching clients the tools to overcome the three challenges that inevitably get in the way of trust: ego, culture and power. For the last decade, she has worked with corporate, nonprofit, academic, and government clients on strengthening the inclusive brain, fostering the “trust mindset,” creating psychological safety and practicing stress management techniques, always pointing people towards the best version of themselves. Her keynote talks, trainings and team retreats incorporate cutting edge breakthroughs in neuroscience, two decades of training and consulting experience, two Masters degrees in topics related to culture and communication, and experience living and working in over 30 countries. In addition to running ReFresh Communication, Emily is also co-host of the podcast, Humanize: Stories from the Heart about Social Justice.

About Anieke Lamers
Anieke is the Founder and CEO of Peekabond. Anieke founded Peekabond from a personal passion because she is an aunt of a 3 year old niece in Australia. She immediately began searching for alternative ways to bond remotely with her little niece. But she couldn’t find a good solution, so she made it her mission to create the best digital platform possible. To build beautiful bonds across generations, continents, and cultures.