FREE yoga class: releasing tension in your tight pelvic floor

Get your pelvic floor safe yoga class

It's easy to think that your pelvic floor is weak if you're experiencing leaking or feelings of a prolapse. An overactive and tight pelvic floor is often the cause of pelvic floor problems. 

I'm sharing this yoga class with you because I want you to feel more comfortable and confident about your pelvic floor.

This free class will:

  • Enable you to release tightness in your pelvic floor
  • Be relaxing and nurturing for your whole body
  • Fit into your day easily because it's just 13 minutes long!
  • Help you to manage anxiety and feel much calmer

By signing up for this yoga class you are excepting full responsibility for your own health while you are practising the class. You should be physically fit and have no medical conditions that state you shouldn't take part in a yoga class. If you are unsure please consult your own GP/Doctor. You are responsible for taking any modifications to ensure you practice safely and mindfully.

Clare Makin is a yoga, movement and lifestyle coach specialising in pelvic floor rehab. Clare supports women to regain and maintain good pelvic floor health using a combination of restorative exercise, pelvic floor safe yoga, breathing and lifestyle coaching to help women get the results they want.