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The only online social media course that will give you the results that you want.

This is the social media course that you have been waiting for.

You are going to learn how to show up on social media and how to create content that converts in record time.

No more spending hours each day thinking about what content do I share this week.

Does any of this sound like you?

✔ I wish I could spend less time on social media

✔ I’m not seeing the results I want from my social media content

✔ I spend hours each week coming up with social media content

✔ I’m kind of envious of others’ social media presences and wish they were mine

Let me help you!

The Perfectly Imperfect Social  is a 6-week course that will get you creating the social media content that is right for YOUR business. In a nutshell, I want to get you creating the content that is perfectly yours..

In a nutshell, I want to get you creating the content that is perfectly yours.

By the end of this 6-week course you will have:

✔ Learned how to approach your social media content with confidence

✔ Nailed down your social media style and figured out what makes you stand out

✔ Mastered how to build a social media community that wants to see your content

✔ Created content that will help you sell via social media

✔ Developed a social media content plan for the next year

Above all, this course is going to help you have some fun with your business’ social.

And I promise you that you’ll see results!

What’s different about this course?

I know what typically happens in online courses. You sign-up with great intentions and then life gets in the way.

I want to make sure that you succeed and that you get the results you want. 

That’s why I’ve designed the course to be as practical as possible.

You’ll be doing as you are learning!

This course is right for you if:

✔  You are a busy female entrepreneur who doesn’t want to spend their full week on social media

✔  You want to create a social media presence that is right for your business (and one that sells in a non-sleazy way!)

✔  You want to let go of the need to be perfect on social media and just be yourself

What are you waiting for?

Enrollment is now open!

You will be surrounded by like-minded female entrepreneurs who are just like you and who will be there to cheer you on. I’ll also be there sending you smiley face emojis and hold you accountable (in a nice way). 

Are you in?

What will we cover in this course?


Module 1: The social media mindset

We’ll talk about the relationship between mindset and social media success. By the end of this module you’ll know how to approach your social media content with confidence (and to not overthink it!).

Module 2: Build a real community

Engagement, engagement, engagement. It is what everyone wants. In this module we’ll focus on what it means to build a real community on social media and how to do it easily.

Module 3: Embrace your social style

We’re all unique. It’s time to let your uniqueness shine through on social media and stop comparing yourself to others. I’ll walk you through my proven approach to figuring out your social media style and how to stand out from your competitors.

Module 4: Sell with storytelling

Old school storytelling rules still apply in today’s world. We’ll walkthrough all the key elements of social media storytelling

Module 5: Amplify your presence

You’ve got the content and it is reaching your existing community. But how do you grow your reach? 

Module 6: Maintain momentum

I want to make sure that you walk away from this course and keep the momentum going!

What’s included in the course?

Weekly recorded lessons and exercises to work through

An awesomely fun accountability challenge to keep you on track

6 case studies from businesses who are rocking their social media

Weekly live coaching check-ins to ask questions and share ideas

Lifetime access to the Perfectly Imperfect Social community on Facebook

Opportunity to book a 1 hour private session with me at any point during the course to discuss your needs


Access to social media content planning templates, including a monthly content planner

Hi there!

I’m Kirsten, a social media strategist who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs create the social media presence they want.

I believe in community, being genuine and letting go of the need to be perfect online.

Letting people see the real you is what makes them want to work with you or buy from you!

This is the course where I’ll share all my secrets and insights with you.

I want you to have the social media presence that shows the world just how awesome your business is!

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Now’s your time!

This is the only time that I’ll be offering this course at this special rate. 

This is your chance to get access for only $350.

The next time I run this course it will be $597!

Course starts on March 8th. 

Hurry before spots are all taken!


I have questions before I sign-up!

No problem.

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