Personalised Flower Essence and Reading 

Reclaim your inner connection with the healing forces of nature

There may have come a time in your life where you may have felt something is a missing

You can't quite put your finger on it and no matter what you feel disconnected to life or even the relationships around you.

With a busy lifestyle and a myriad of responsibilities there never seems to be enough time to sift through what might be opening its doorway to you.

Foundational patterns arise in times of our life, and we can feel fed up when the same old things keep occurring. We can struggle to find or feel a sense of purpose and an inner sadness can sit with us and we are unsure where this comes from.

This is the time to create and establish an inner connection to the self. You can renew and reshape your life gently and profoundly in ways you may never have imagined.

What does this look like.

Relationships, or you struggle with pain and anguish, aching for a sense of belonging? True inner connection can occur when we can find our own pathway back to the heart of the self without the noise of should, could and maybe’s.

Flower Essence Therapy uses the vibrational healing energy of flowers and plants, designed to help support and help you move through an evolutionary process. 

They carry natures intelligence so you can connect within. "See” what you need to know to move forward, release old patterns or connect in a way that you may never have before.

The vibration of the flower energy supporting us to change attitudes, making emotional shifts and gaining renewed mental perspective.

Astrology is a frame work we work with using the blue print at the time you were born.

Certain energy signatures sit within your chart that resonate with your healing and empowerment - we capitalise on this and more. Looking at the 4 levels of healing and empowerment. 

Is it time to connect to the resonance of who you are shift the shit that sits in your way clouding your judgement? Or reclaim your inner power, move forward and be who you know you want to be?

At the end of our session you’ll:

  • Have a clearer understanding of your inner gifts

  • You will have a greater understanding of what you are working with, find freedom and bring depth to your healing journey and life

As an added bonus you will have an idea of what your inner strengths and pathways of healing sit - Your essence is resonant with you, your needs and inner purpose.

If you are 48 - 54 you will be moving through a transit known as the Chiron Return, the time when all old wounding from your past may come to the surface to be acknowledged. 

If you are 29 you may be moving through your Saturn return, this is a time in life where a big life reset or pivot will come, but not without reconciling some part of your past.

We will get super clear on what your needs and wants are so that you can gain clarity, reason, purpose and action steps so you can start moving out of an old cycle to start a new one.

  • We work through what your needs are right now. Included in this is a quick look at your astrological blueprint. The time, date and day of your birth can be used to find your inner gifts and strengths and used to map out your strategy and game plan.

  • We also move through the cycle of healing and map where you are and what steps you can take to bring about clarity and inner resolve.

  • You will walk away with a deep insight on what your next steps are and how you can move forward in your life with purpose

  • You will receive a personalised flower essence tincture formulated to your energy and what you’re moving through at this time. This is super specific, attuning to your intentions and needs.

This session is resonate and personalised to you.

Be prepared to be transformed through this in depth and profound session using the healing forces of nature and deeply supported through this process.

Feel like a change? Then this is for you. Unique, deep and powerful.

This is a 60 min session and a 30 min follow up session $185  - Including fully attuned personalised flower essence, resources and further insights for healing and your empowerment.

International postage applies for all orders. Free to post within Australia

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