Drop unwanted. Build the DESIRED

Build strong & agile mindset for life to take any challenges with ease and... smile :)

Imagine what difference would it make if you could

Manage your nerves and be at your best in the key moments.

Stop procrastinating and get things done without second-guessing or self-doubt.

Feel natural and at ease taking those 'uncomfortable' actions.

Project more assertiveness when dealing with 'difficult' people.

...Stop constantly worrying and simply become a happier person...

It's never about the "right" actions or strategy, it's about how confidently you're marching towards your goals and the life you want to create.

So my question to you is...

WHO do you need to become to secure that job, get a promotion, start or scale your business? What type of personality, if mastered, would make it happen effortlessly, without struggle and stress for you?

The good news is - you don’t need to go through months of therapy to do this, or search for answers in blogs and podcasts. There are way more effective and fast ways. It's not magic, it's neuro science! :) 

You can create profound shifts on the neurological level and start opening up the new opportunities in your career and life in a matter of a few weeks. 

Let me show you how.


This programme combines breakthrough coaching, NLP & neuro tools and hypnotherapy with the elements from the timeless industry experts such as Jose Silva, Maxwell Maltz, Marisa Peer and others. This powerful blend makes wonders to you in a very short time.

It works for me and helps all of my clients transform their lives - from landing their dream jobs to sky-rocketing results in their businesses to rebuilding relationships with their loved ones.


A unique 11-week personal breakthrough programme designed to make you more powerful in your own authentic way - FAST.
By the end of the programme you will:

Have a toolbox of rapid techniques to shift your inner state in any situation

You will learn and practice exercises which work directly with your subconscious, changing your internal state in seconds. These are yours for life to apply whenever needed!

Outshine in those conversations being your 100% real self             

You will not be a different person. Quite the opposite - you'll "unpeel" your true potential that's been layered up by imposed beliefs and templates throughout your life. 

Keep cool even when life throws the stormiest storms at you

Shush that self-critic hovering over your shoulder. As a side effect, you'll notice how anxiety and stress are leaving you alone for good.

Have the confidence to talk to your boss and get that pay raise

Stop stressing out from just a single thought of a conversation/presentation/task. Handle those with ease, saving yourself precious time and nerve cells.

Most importantly, you'll step on the path of becoming the author of your life, will learn how to control your mind, and I can guarantee - you'll become a happier person!

How we make it happen? 

(what you are going to get)

Powerful quests & neuro tools

From Day 1 you'll be receiving exclusive audio and video content, exercises and practices coming from the front lines of psychological, behavioural, and physiological studies.

x4 1:1 coaching sessions with Irina

Custom coaching to deep dive into your specific challenges and get you to the desired outcomes

Bi-weekly live training sessions

Live group training to maximise your insights and results + sharing experiences and getting inspired by the kindred souls who are on the same journey as you.

Continuous support in your progress

I will be with you each step of the way, reviewing your work to ensure you stay on the right track with the tasks and trainings. Ask any questions or call for help if needed.


💫 Revisit as often as you want

the materials are yours for life​ including powerful neuro tools and guided hypno-meditations to use in you further growth.

💫 Expanding Financial Consciousness training

a bonus training to release your mindset blocks around money and attract to wealth into your life with ease. 

What will happen in this call:

We will dive deep into what's been going on for you, flash out your inner blocks and create a roadmap to reaching your desired results. There's no commitment and no matter what, you'll get a massive value from out conversation.

Here are some of the results & breakthroughs from my clients for your inspiration.

It's not about merely learning the new behaviours.

It's about a profound shift of your inner state

...towards becoming the author of your life...