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Pinterest Success

Rock Your Pinterest!

Here is a screengrab of how I went from 0 to 1.8 million in less than 3 months

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Manual Pinner Alert. I did all through manual pinning. 

Increase Your Pinterest Reach & Traffic!

These are my Pinterest strategies which helped me reach over 1.5 Million people in such a less time. I did a lot of research and then tweaked a little here - there to get desirable result.



Pinterest Power

Little ago, I was talking how I reached over 1 million audience in such a short span with few of my webmaster friends. And guess what? They didn't believe until I showed them proof! Literally.

The next thing they asked me was - Can you manage my Pinterest? Uhm..Whaaatt?

 Upon a little thought, I came up with the idea of eBook. Why not share it with others too?

Well, I'm a little apprehensive of sharing my strategies aka my secrets. Also, if it would work for others.

But you know what? IDC. If I can help, I will. I know how frustrating is 10 views per day. Been there, done that.

Finally, here I'm, with my Pinterest Power eBook! Be an early bird and avail discount and bonus. Yaay!!

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Q1. Is it Refundable?

Nope, sorry! It isn’t refundable as it flies right into your inbox.

Q2. Will I get new version if and when there is an update?


Q3. Who are you?

I'm Sreeperna Jyoti aka Siri aka Joe! I prefer Joe!

PS: Neither, I'm a Pinterest expert nor claim to be.

Disclaimer: These Pinterest strategies worked amazeballs for me. But I can't guarantee you the same result *because* of the very reason of Pinterest algorithm updations.

But they should work for you as I'm still rocking Pinterest aka Traffic (read: affiliate sales) through it!