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Do you…

  • check what is going on with your Pinterest account from time to time?
  • know how many Boards are relevant to your business?
  • have most of your Pins in your Boards?

Your answer to these questions can help you to start analyzing your Pinterest account. If you have been using your Pinterest account to market your blog posts or product listings over the years, it has probably a lot of Pins and Boards. Aside from that, maybe your business has grown and changed too. Maybe you are creating a different kind of content or products these days. What you have on your website should be aligned with your Pinterest account and vice versa. They should support each other so you can get the most of out them and help you to attract your target audience, achieve your goals such as more traffic, sales, clients, and so on.

That is why it is important to check what is going on in your Pinterest account regularly even if you feel that things are doing well. There are still some things that you can do to fine-tune it. This is a great time to evaluate what you have in your Pinterest account to ensure that everything is still relevant to your business. 

That's why I put together a PDF guide about 9 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Content. This free PDF guide will help you to fine-tune your Pinterest marketing strategy.

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