Yoli's Plants to Plate

About Plants to Plate

Summertime has arrived in all her glory. And to celebrate the bountiful harvest of seasonal produce that is available, I paired up with Cuisine at Home to remix a few of their recipes and made them plant based. Hopefully this inspires you to cater recipes to your dietary preferences. Eating differently doesn’t mean you have to miss out on flavor or seasoning.

What Inside:

01: Five, New Plant-Based Recipes
From a refreshing mocktail to a dessert treat, everything can be paired together as an entire meal experience or served separately.

02:Healthy Shopping Tips
Shopping in general can be an overwhelming experience. Yoli offers a few key tips that will help you have a seamless experience when navigating the market aisles.

About Yoli

Yoli’s commitment to sustainability and wellness began just after college as she searched to identify the best practices for empowering herself as a consumer and an entrepreneur in NYC. She adopted a plant-based diet, became certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell T. Colin Campbell Institute, and began a 10+ year commitment to the planning committee for Manhattan’s only organic food coop. As the founder of YolisGreenLiving.com, Yoli was nationally recognized as the “Queen of Green” by Black Enterprise Magazine for using social media to spread insights on sustainability and wellness related best practices to otherthought leaders in underserved communities.