You are not alone.

Living with PMDD can really tough & and we can be so hard on ourselves.
You deserve to take time to care for your mind & body, and I'm here to help!

You might already know that yoga can help you:

  • improve your relationship with your mind & body
  • practice self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-care, & self-love
  • increase neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, & GABA
  • reduce severity of stress, anxiety & depression
  • reduce menstrual cramping, bloating, & breast tenderness
  • improve menstrual regularity & reduce blood loss

But why is it so hard to practice yoga regularly?

  • your energy levels & mood are constantly changing
  • you spend a lot of time beating yourself up about being inconsistent
  • you don't have a framework for a PMDD-friendly practice

I am here to help!

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Community Benefits

PMDD Education

Read the blog or listen to the podcast to learn more about PMDD & how yoga can support your mental and physical health, specifically related to your PMDD symptoms.

Yoga Instruction

Try out some free guided yoga, meditation, & breathwork practices, available free anytime on the YouTube Channel or the resource library  on the YogaNaraska website.

Peer Support

Join the Facebook Group to support and be supported by other yogis with PMDD. Share your challenges, wins, and questions. We have free monthly-meetups to chat plan our month ahead.

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