DIY Your Podcast Tour 1:1 Coaching

This 8-week coaching program is designed for content creators who want their calendars booked with guest interviews on podcasts that align with their message.

From finding the right podcasts to crafting a pitch that lands you in the guest chair, this coaching program teaches effective strategies to get you in front of your ideal audience without spending on ads. 

Collaborate & Multiply Your Success.

Have you heard about the advantages of being a guest on other podcasts, but you're not sure about where to start? Learn how to leverage a podcast tour to grow your audience, build brand awareness and make more sales.

Starts May 1st, 2020

What's Included?

Training & Organizing

Month 1

  • Kick-off with a 2-hour masterclass 
  • (2) 1-Hour biweekly private coaching calls
  • Templates and spreadsheets
  • Support to organize your tour

Pitching & Tracking

Month 2

  • Daily voice messaging Monday through Friday 
  • (2) 1-Hour biweekly private coaching calls
  • Get feedback on your pitch 
  • Track your progress

Founder of WOC Podcasters, Host of The Thought Card Podcast

Your Coach. Danielle Desir.

I help business-minded podcasters nail their pitch and secure spots in a series of podcasts to increase their downloads, grow their brand presence and make more sales. Most recently, I was a guest on 14 podcasts in 3 months during the launch of my new book.