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Create a Powerful Podcast Launch Strategy to Bring More Visibility, Trust, and Profits to Your Business!

You want to start a podcast for your business and have no idea where to start. When you Google, "How to Start a Podcast," you get more than 740,000,000 results and no answers.

While I know you want to know the "right" equipment to use, how to edit your podcast and all of the other scary technical woes, I want to redirect your attention to the single most important things you need for your podcast to succeed: strategy.

Podcasting for business is more than just having a conversation and being seen. It's about providing information that can transform lives and help others build trust with your brand. Many business owners and professionals start podcasting asking about the "how" when really, the most important question is "why."

Join the the 5-Day Challenge to create a strategic plan for your podcast through proven systems, structures, and strategies to create loyal subscribers and customers to launch your podcast with a bang! Doors close November 6, 2020!

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, influencers, company leaders, and business owners ready to build relationships, visibility, and profit through podcasting.

Join this challenge if:

  • Starting a podcast is one of your business goals for 2021
  • You want to build your personal or business brand authority by sharing your expertise regularly
  • You want to leverage podcasting to network with others or build a funnel to your products or services
  • You have a disruptive message you need to share in your industry like yesterday

What You'll Learn:

Day One: Create a Winning Podcast Strategy

Before you hit the record button, you need a planWhile there are over a million podcasts available for download, most of them are not actively producing episodes because of a lack of strategyDuring Day One, we'll discuss the pros and cons of podcasting for your business, the role of audio in 2021 and beyond, and how to create strong podcast goals that complement your business goals.

Day Two: Structure is Everything - Organizing Your Podcast

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." During Day Two, we'll take a deep dive into how to create the structure for your podcast by determining the frequency, length, format, content creation process (time), channels, and segments.

Day Three: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it - Creating Podcast Content That Converts

As an expert, you already have the secret sauce to helping your clients win. During Day Three, we'll look at your existing assets and discuss research techniques to find topics that your audience cares about to map out your first three episodes.

Day Four: Brand Me Baby! Branding & Marketing Strategies to Launch

Learn how to get your podcast out to the right ears through strategic branding and marketing techniques. On Day Four, we will discuss the importance of selecting the right name and tagline for your podcast, protecting your podcast through trademarks, choosing a clean cover art style, and leveraging your website to bring in traffic to your podcast.

Day Five: Getting to the Money - How to Profit from Your Podcast

Okay, so how do you make money from this thing? Let's be real; no one has time to waste. If making money from your podcast is your goal, we'll discuss several monetization methods you can use. We'll recap what we've learned throughout the week and celebrate the winner of a special Giveaway for those who complete and share the challenge every day.


Join The Podcast Playbook Challenge Now! Doors close November 6, 2020!

About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Whit, and I have been slinging thousands of content pieces on these internet streets since I could learn how to type. I specialize in helping individuals and brands create meaningful content that builds long-term relationships and thought leadership. I am a former digital media instructor at the International College of Broadcasting and the Ohio Media School and have taught teens to boomers how to podcast for success. I am a proud host of Pink Lemonade Podcast, a self-help podcast in more than 50 countries with over 50K downloads. I am also a podcast editor and producer. I say all this to say, I know my stuff, and I want you to learn it too!