You're invited... explore be part of a positive community...and to experience the difference that inviting gratitude into your life can make.

Positive Discussions

"Today I am grateful for the positive threads and like minded people in this group.  I have been working to limit my time on Facebook and choosing carefully what I participate in and see.  I am grateful for you Lisa for putting this wonderful concept together and for the great discussions it has fostered." -SS

Positive Focus

"Facebook feels like a cancer most of the time anymore -- a complete energy vampire.  There is so much nastiness on here. It is nice when there can be some happy places to go on here where there is true positive vibes :) I also would say thank you to Lisa.  I look forward to coming on here each day, it is nice to center and focus on positive things!!" -AP

How do you practice gratitude?

There are as many ways to practice gratitude as there are reasons to be grateful. For some, the concept can be overwhelming, especially when life is challenging. But with just a little guidance it can be the easiest thing to include in your life and offers one of the greatest returns for your time.

Come join me for the Positively Grateful (TM) Series and we'll talk about what gratitude is...and isn't. Learn how simple yet powerful a gratitude ritual can be in your life.

Whether you are experienced with gratitude rituals or you are brand new to the idea, this is the place to immerse yourself in an "attitude of gratitude".

This FREE series will include Four (4) weekly 30-minute Zoom sessions and a private Facebook group for additional questions and support.


February 2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25


8:00pm EST Live Group Session

About the Positively Grateful (TM) Series:

This FREE series involves coaching, conversation, and community and access to me throughout with:

  • Four (4) LIVE interactive group sessions (Zoom video) Sundays in February combining coaching and conversation; session audio will be recorded and posted in the FB group
  • Ongoing support in a private Facebook group with daily prompts, inspiration, and coaching.

Let's help you explore gratitude and find your best gratitude practice.

The Gifts of Gratitude


Gratitude creates an environment that allows us forgive and to release pain.


Gratitude brings us together in common and mutual appreciation.


Gratitude re-frames how we see the world, transforming who we are and how we live.

Learn how to invite these benefits and more into your life through the simple practice of gratitude.