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Meet the Founders

Meet Bev Ross

When Bev moved from the desert suburbs to rural Ohio, podcasts helped make her new time spent mowing feel productive and entertaining. But 4 years ago there were not enough farming related podcasts to fill that time. In February 2018, with her new friend Sam, the podcast We Drink & We Farm Things was born.

Drink & Farm is now a thriving community of online farmers, homesteaders, and backyard gardeners that drink, farm, & give zero clucks about not having the picture perfect farm. Recently Bev launched a solo  podcast, the Joy Farmer Podcast, where she shows listeners how to experience more joy in their every day, create space to grow and raise all of their farm dreams.

Bev believes that through story we can more fully connect to each other's humanity, and cultivating the growth of fellow podcasters is the perfect way to get those stories heard.

Meet Katelyn Duban

As an avid podcast listener, Katelyn found herself searching for a podcast that shared the important roles women in agriculture provide for the industry. When she could not find a podcast that met her criteria she began working on her own podcast. In the spring of 2019 she launched The Rural Woman Podcast.

Since then, Katelyn has shared the stories of incredible women involved in all parts of agriculture from farming, ranching, homesteading, agribusiness and beyond. With over 200,000 downloads from 140+ countries around the world, Katelyn continues to share the importance of Women in Agriculture while sharing her own story through social media under the handle @WildRoseFarmer.

Katelyn is a firm believer in community over competition and believes there is always room at the table.

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