Podcast Power Audit

Available now to set your podcast up for success.
You don’t have to jump into everything at once and figure it out by yourself.

Which one are you?

Not Sure Where to Begin

  • Ready to launch a podcast and you’re not sure where to begin?

  • Feeling overwhelmed managing the details of your podcast launch?

  • Looking for feedback and support as you walk through the process?

Elevate my Podcast

  • Launched your podcast and you need some professional insight?

  • Overwhelmed managing the details of your podcast production and release?

  • Feedback and support on how to sustain, monetize and market your podcast?

Podcast Power Audit

Podcast Power Audit provides professional insights focused on positive enhancements to your podcast

You've done a lot of work. Spent a lot of time and resources and now you want to be sure your podcast is the best it can be and build a great audience of loyal subscribers.

The Podcast Power Audit includes:

  • Checklist of Thought Starters to get you started
  • 1.5 hours of consulting held over video sessions
  • Review Audio Brand and provide detailed review of your podcast content and creative presentation.
  • Assess Audio quality, Equipment & Production Process
  • Optimize Marketing Strategy to accelerate audience growth & drive engagement

Details about the audit: Traci DeForge, Internationally Recognized Podcast Expert, provides customized creative exercises focused on you and your podcast

All the video calls will be recorded, transcribed and a detailed summary of the sessions will be provided. You’ll receive tangible tips to set your podcast up for success, suggestions for sponsorship integration and monetization options and a 60 day step by step action plan customized for where you are in your podcast journey.

Get the expertise you need BEFORE you jump in headfirst and save yourself time and resources.



"Thanks for an EXCELLENT talk today during our Podcast Launch Consulting Session. I’m really benefiting from your process by getting clear on the direction of my podcast. It's also helping me focus on streamlining my brand. "

COACHED by Keren


“I’ve been podcasting on my own for a while and felt like my show wasn’t growing fast enough. I booked a Podcast Power Session with Traci and my eyes were opened! In such a short time she helped me reset my social marketing with a blueprint I could easily implement and so many other great insights on ways I could grow my podcast. She’s now my go-to resource for any of my podcast questions!”

Love Thy Enneagram Number Podcast


"I've seen a 400-500% return on my overall podcast investment since launching my podcast. Traci's consulting expertise has been extremely valuable. The show has been a catalyst in becoming a sought-after speaker and contributor on Forbes.com."

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Produce Your Podcast

Get the expertise you need BEFORE you jump in headfirst and save yourself time and resources.