[Workshop] Spontaneous Presentation with PowerPoint Karaoke

Sometimes, we are called on to present with minimal preparation time or to give an impromptu speech. This crash course will help you prepare for that.

Using PowerPoint Karaoke as a framework, learn improvisation and public speaking skills for spontaneous presentations.

What is PowerPoint Karaoke?

PPTKTV (short for PowerPoint Karaoke) is a fun way of doing something tough -- giving presentations.

In PPTKTV, participants have 5 minutes to present 6 slides. The trick is, they won't know what their slides contain until they present them.

It's funny - and it's fun. The 'trick' is to focus on all the other skills for presentations -- reading the audience, using voice, telling a story -- without focusing on the slides.

In this crash course, you will learn improv skills to help you sail through your very own PPTK presentation.

Testimonials from past participants

I liked the chance to learn more about this unique way of humorous presentation using improv skills.

Positively affirming environment with constructive criticism. It was instructive and fun.

What I liked most was the interactivity and hands on practice at each stage - Darren is a great facilitator.