The Practice Joy Journal

Joy may be defined as a mood, emotion, character trait, or practice. Often, "joyful people" (those who carry the character trait of joy) practice joy deliberately. When we practice joy, we don't force ourselves to be happy; we simply open ourselves up to experience pleasant feelings whenever they occur, instead of being bogged down by unpleasant ones like frustration. It helps us see the bright sides of things.

By choosing to practice joy while you practice your instrument, you create a positive experience for yourself that will make practicing something you want to come back to, and your sessions will become more efficient and deliberate. You'll notice increases in both progress and enjoyment.

This digital journal functions as both a regular practice journal with places to write down technique, sight-reading, and repertoire for each day but also to remind you to take a few deep breaths to settle your body and calm your mind before you fully dive into the session.

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What's Inside

How to Practice Joy

Joy can be defined as a mood, emotion, character trait, or a practice of openness to positive experiences. This journal focuses on the last definition and gives you specific directions to incorporate the practice of joy when you practice your instrument.

Daily Pages

Use this journal daily: you don't have to write much if you don't want to. There are spots to simply check off activities that inspire joy.

Set Yourself Up for Success

The journal also includes a section about creating goals that set you up for success instead of frustration.