August 3 2018



About the Host

"If I had a gun I would kill you!" Those cutting words became the motivation for the strategic plan of escape. After her silent exodus, author, professional speaker, and Domestic Violence advocate, Dorothea Thea Robinson (X-It Strategist) began a global effort immersed with strategically planning safe passage for woman fleeing intimate partner abusive relationships. Founder of the Butterfly Experience: one more butterfly freed and Life After Domestic Violence(#LADV) and #socialbutterflies support groups, Dorothea host her LADV-Live weekly series featured on periscope and Facebook. Author of Your 911 Rebuilt by Grace Alone, and co-author of The Butterfly Experience: one more butterfly freed, this Philadelphian is a mother of six and when not assisting women in achieving their freedom, can be found cooking, reading, and enjoying family time. Locate Ms. Robinson on all social media platforms. Dorothea T Robinson's goal is to ensure that "One more butterfly is freed".

What you’ll learn

Safety practices that will keep young women safe while on campus.

  • There are some do's and don't's when reporting.                                                             
  •  Who should you report to first
  •     Where to go
  •     What not to do
  • Tricks that every college student needs to know how to be safe. Tools that will keep them safe while living on college campus
  • Best pepper sprays, what to look for and what not to buy.
  • Dorm room safety things to keep on hand at all times.
  • Learning the signs when there is danger.
  • How to select the right buddy system.
  • What you should always have on hand
  • Where to go to purchase protection items suggested.
  • Discuss what to do in case of rape
  • How to have that open conversation with your children to find out if they have been hurt, harmed, and learn how to receive the news if they have been raped/assaulted.


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Butterfly S

A Freed Butterfly

Talking to u takes me away from reality sometimes. Everything I feel melts away. The loneliness , the pain , emptiness and hopelessness. I can't tell u what you have done for me. I got off the phone and reality smacked me in the face........I swear u are always here when I need you Sometimes we really just need to be encouraged and u do that so effortlessly

Butterfly M

A Freed Butterlfy

....Thank you for being the angelic being that I prayed for when I needed a way out! I’m forever thankful for you

Butterfly F

A Freed Butterfly

..your strength and determination to save women in distress and victims of domestic abuse is commendable... You are a true role model and leader. I am honored to be called your friend, sis!

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